Major Complications and Mobility

While I understand that a permanently maimed arms you can use it anymore, and the same goes for a leg. But typically a temp maim to a leg just sends you down to one knee, but what if it’s permanently maimed, how should we roleplay that out?

Suggested options include: use a cane, crutch, or big stick you find in the woods; drag that leg when walking (be careful not to give yourself a REAL limp by faking one for a full weekend); lean on people, walls/trees, and tables while standing and take a knee if unsupported. At minimum, do not run until the limb is replaced and lean on a support or take a knee when standing (including in combat, where you are strongly encouraged to pick the “take a knee” option).

Do not use a boffer weapon that is not intended to be used as a staff or cane to support your weight - that’s an excellent way to break down and tear the tips of your weapons (and get rocks stuck in them, if you’re really unlucky) and that’s no good.


Thanks! That helps!