Magnus Takes Political Action

Magnus enters the tavern and scans the room before sitting down at a mostly empty table near the bar. He then precedes to set up a small station, with parchment in front of him and his quill to his right. Lastly, he pulls out a metal sign board, which he keeps in his hands for the time being.

With a forlorn sigh, he stands up and clears his throat, ready to address the room.

“Good day to all in Port Katherine this morning. After the events of the Summer Festival, I feel that it is about time I spoke up. Between the rumors and misunderstandings, it seems many have taken up a distrustful eye around The Grey Gale Company. While I may not be a spokesperson or a historian, I do hold some authority within The Company, and am willing to discuss it should anyone wish to inquire. Otherwise, enjoy your day.”

He firmly nods at the end of his speech before sitting down, placing the sign to his upper left.


((OOG Note: Magnus will be doing this in game for a day, maybe two, at the most. However, we all have lives and so this may out of game continue for however long we all wish.))

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Magnus, if you are still available, I am curious about the history…

I understand that the Gales had some relation with the Queen’s service prior to their existence as a mercenary company?

He gently rubs his chin in thought before speaking.
“To be honest, I am not the best historian, but I can provide the short story. First things first, though, we worked with the crown back before there even was a queen. Remember that jerk, Emperor Lightfoot? Yeah, the Gale worked for him back in the day and we did not like it. He made the Gale slaughter innocents for his own gains. So, when the civil war went down, company members were rooting for a republic to replace the monarchy, but settled for a Queendom. I think that is partly why people think we are against the government, but as a whole we allow our members to follow whatever politic beliefs they want. At the end of the day, as long as we follow the orders of the Queen, who is paying our bills, it doesn’t matter much. I know that isn’t very assuring to those who are concerned but we have no reason to form a coup and have stood with the crown for the past three wars.”
Having finished speaking, Magnus nods, as though content with himself.
“Any other questions?”

Magnus, I’ll admit that I’ve only heard the rumors about the Gales as of late, and only scattered tales at that, but it’s easy enough to sense the tension in the Tavern every now and then. Since I have not witnessed anything first hand, I suppose I have two main questions - First, What brings the Gales to Port Katherine? And second, why are there so many rumors swirling about the Gales?

He holds out his hands for a second before speaking.
“Okay, okay, so the first question is easy. The Queen basically hired us to help make this whole colony thing work out.”
He gives Issac as thumps up as if to say your welcome or something of that sort before continuing.
“But the second question is, er, not my job to know? I guess? I have no clue why people are doing that, but someone must not like us. Maybe they hired us for a job and didn’t like our work, or maybe we denied a job for them because they wanted us to be jerks? I’m not sure. Engineering is far less confusing than people and politics. So is fighting, you just jab people with a sword until either you or they die.”
He shrugs as that is all he has to say on the matter.

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