Love Symbol Questionary

Attached to tavern bulletin:

Due to limitations of the printing press, we were unable to include the actual symbols in our latest local edition of the paper. Please find the complete questionary below for your enjoyment.

What alchemical sigils define your style of affection? Answer our questionary to learn how you respond to matters of the heart!

The object of your affections is speaking with you! How do you respond?

  1. I carefully observe all social niceties impeccably. I would rather die than act overly familiar and come across as a knave
  2. I flirt shamelessly; one must not be afraid to pursue pleasure
  3. I probably blush and get flustered, but I try to carry on an interesting conversation so they will keep talking to me
  4. Oh, I hide away until they leave. It is better to hurt them now with rejection than allow them to hope in vain.

How do you declare your desire to court?

  1. I present my case to their parents or matriarch and let it be determined if I am a suitable partner. Nerve wracking!
  2. Something subtle. A wink of my eye, the way I lick my lips when I catch their gaze, a suggestive glance, an invitation to my private room for poetry reading…
  3. I am not nearly bold enough to declare it out loud. I send a note and ask them to indicate if they like me or do not in their reply
  4. I faint cold away into their arms when we receive bad news, or else get kidnaped by pirates and require rescuing

What sort of sweet nothings do you exchange?

  1. Expensive bespoke jewelry in the colors of our future House
  2. Whispers, kisses, caresses, and then things just start up all over again
  3. We write each other poetry and letters constantly, to let each other know that we are always thinking of the other
  4. I walk veiled along the harbor and stare out longingly over the aether, sighing with the wind

What is an ideal date?

  1. Signing our prenuptial agreement
  2. Nothing that can be printed for the public
  3. Dinner together, and then a walk along the shore, getting lost in each others’ eyes by the glow of the aetherfish…
  4. A doomed declaration of love that can never be, and then something tragic

What is your dream wedding?

  1. A lavish traditional affair that makes sure that the whole Queendom knows we have decided to come together in matrimony
  2. Not big on weddings, more into honeymoons.
  3. Something simple but romantic, with lots of flowers and our closest friends and family there to see the start of our lives together
  4. Something held in an old, ruined castle with the lighting cracking outside and plenty of death omens

Now, add the total of your answers and read on:

5 - 8: You are a staunch traditionalist. You believe that love is about providing a life of comfort and stability for your beloved. You are the sort of catch that grandmothers everywhere want brought home for New Years dinner. You frequently see ads in the newspaper desperate to meet someone just like you.

9 - 12: You are quite the hedonist; anyone falling for your roguish charms can expect a pleasurable courtship indeed. You are the sort of dashing lover that many pursue but few can catch. Your affairs are intense (although often brief) and you have a tendency to leave a mark.

13 - 16:You are a true romantic, searching for a real connection with your beloved. Once you find what you are looking for, you stick with them through thick and thin, and keep them grounded through life’s struggles. Because that kind of bond takes time, people do not always recognize your value instantly; ignore them.

17 and above: You are a tragic lover! Perhaps you have been hurt in love before and your broken heart has never mended, or perhaps you live a life of danger that prevents you from fully investing in your relationships, no matter how promising. In either case, you sometimes feel as though you are cursed. But isn’t that romantic in its own way?


Woo go team spider!

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I heard Annaliese was unhappy that falling between romantic and traditionalist made you a hedonist. If only she knew the author to pass the critique along.

But I thought everyone in the colony loved bees? =)

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I just know everyone wants to have a slug.

So wait what bug is 13-16?

A slug. Everyone wants slugs.

Hell yes. Slug life.

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Have you ever been so mad at a guy for refusing to buy a component from you that you ghost authored a fortune telling game that was just a subtle dig? Asking for a friend