Lost and Found

I was finally unpacking properly from the weekend, and found that I am short one throwing dagger. I saw at least one or two other people with the same daggers, so I’m hoping someone went home with it. It’s an Epic Armoury ‘3 hole throwing dagger’ with “DR” written on one side of the handle. If you have it and will be at the next session, just let me know and I can get it back then.

Brendan / Edric Zale

That was me – I figured out after going home that one of the people who helpfully said they found some of my daggers hadn’t known someone else was using the same model. I’ll have it back for you next game!

(In similar notes, if someone’s found a dagger that looks the exact same but doesn’t have DR on it, I seem to be short one…)

Great. Thanks.

… Sorry, who do you play? I’m bad enough with names and the forum usernames often don’t help…

Sorry, I play Lilywhite, look for the swooshy guy with a wineglass and you’ll probably have found me.