Lost and Found: 2018

Hi everyone,

The year is coming to a close, and with that, it means we are clearing our lost and found. If you lost something at PK over this past year, please make sure to check the bin at the end of game, because I will be throwing out/subsuming into costuming anything unclaimed at the end of cleanup this event.

If you are missing particular items, make post here or let me know and I’ll stay on the lookout/set them aside if I find them,

Thank you,


I am missing one fountain pen and one small notebook

I lost a bag and a scarf last event.

Found, in the Alizé cabin (possibly left over from Witchwood @Misamore, @Hey_A_Tay ? )

Two little zippy bags (one black with white eyelashes, one peach colored) both containing makeup.

Also, a blue carrying case for an “Ozark Trail cold weather mummy sleeping bag”

How small of a notebook? I ended up with a super skinny lil one in my bag, looks like it hasn’t been used since Spring though

It’s one of those ones with the anchor hanging from it. I had it for Spring and Summer, but couldn’t find it again after Summer.

Alright, that’s not the one I ended up with, sorry :frowning: