Lord of the Bins: Return of the Stuff

Hello all,

I know I spoke about this briefly at game-off meeting, but we need to get all the stuff back to Camp Middlesex. We’re currently planning to do it Sunday, November 6th. Alex Vincent has been kind enough to offer to drive the truck, but we will need people to load it.

To that end, I am looking for volunteers around Noon to help me, Alex, and Sam load the truck. Even one or two would help immensely.

If you are around later, or the trip is less arduous, I am also taking volunteers to help unload at Middlesex, probably around 3:30-4pm. Witchwood will have several volunteers present, but many hands makes for light work.

Thank you,


I can help out with both the loading and the unloading.

-David / Almanzo

I can be there for packing up the cape

If both of you can help, I think we should be all set (although more people are welcome)

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