Looking to hire someone to do research

[A notice in acceptable handwriting is tacked up on the notice board]

I am looking for someone of the scholarly persuasion with research to find out the skills of the Infiltrator advanced artificer path. If you are interested contact me so we can discuss.

-Petra Muirin Deoradhain Das Amsel

I am interested, but all my research is currently spoken for. Is this something you’ll need by next festival?

Its something I would ~Like~ done by next festival, but the offer will stand until it gets done. It’s the only advanced artificer path that hasn’t been looked into yet, so its more for the sake of having a complete set of information on the advanced paths one can take. I will bump this post up after next festival if there’s no takers this time.

Okay. I wish you luck then.

Do you know how much of our research time will be needed?

From my experience, it takes about five hours.

I was able to discover the list for tinkerer and jury-rigger with five hours each.

I think @Shades was looking for something to research and also sometimes enjoys money

Hello, yes, I like money.

In theory, someone else is hiring me this cycle, but if that falls through I will message you.

[There is a new note tacked on top of the old one]
I have found someone to do the research, Thank you.

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