Looking for an account of what happened

Most of you know me as Serendipity the Bartender.

I was present at the Pitball field a couple weeks ago when the stone-men attacked. While we were retreating I saw an unconscious man being left behind, who I later learned was named Jules. Believing the enemy to be fully engaged at the moment, with time of the essence and no one else nearby I tried to run to him and bring him with us. Unfortunately the retreat progressed more quickly than I guessed it might and the engagement with the stone-men was broken off sooner than I anticipated. They turned and found me dragging Jules well before I had gotten close. I managed to cry for help as one attacked, but the next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital having survived being run through.

So first, thank you to my surgeon for saving my life, please contact me so I can repay you. I apologise the details of the day are fuzzy.
Second, I would like to know who else I may have gratitude for in saving my, and presumeably Jule’s lives as well.

And lastly, this was the second time I was violently accosted in two days. If the navy is unable to protect its citizens (Not to imply they navy is truly negligent given that the circumstances are beyond the normal scale of things) I dearly hope we get on top this militia situation soon. I hope preparations are being made to compensate in the future. For all our sakes.