"Locking" BGS

You can now “lock” your BGS!

At the bottom right of the BGS entry screen, you’ll see a little gold button where you can lock your BGS. If you do so, you’ll receive a confirmation dialogue, and if you approve, the BGS will be locked. That means you won’t be able to modify it or delete it anymore - it will be “locked.”

Why would you want to do this?

Well, in general, you shouldn’t do this. We have a BGS deadline, and it’s useful to maintain your flexibility if a conversation with another PC encourages you to change your plans.

However, there are two main reasons I can think of to use this:

  1. You’re really, really, really sure, and you want to be extra nice and sweet to your staff and give us more time to process your BGS. (PS we love you)

  2. You are sending in the 4th lesson for an Advanced Header or Header Specialization, and you want us to unlock/open those skills for purchase, so you can use them in the upcoming BGS cycle. This, by necessity, means you’d need us to process that BGS early.

Reason #2 is the main reason this has been implemented, and the reason it has been implemented now. If you’re certain about your lessons, lock away, and I’ll start processing your Advanced Headers on your sheets.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: At some point, someone is going to use this and then change their mind. They will then send staff an email, begging that their BGS be changed. DO NOT BE THIS PERSON. Once your BGS is locked, it cannot be changed. If you aren’t sure, don’t lock your BGS.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Quick question: is this locking one BGS thing or will locking one automatically lock the other three BGS things that you’ve submitted? Ie, if I lock down my lesson, will my skill and focus also be automatically locked down as well?

BGS entries are locked individually. Locking one will not lock the others.