Local News

Greetings fair folks of Port Katherine!

Thank you so much to all of you that provided news for the local insert in the paper for the Autumn festival edition. We are currently seeking news to add to our next issue during the Winter Festival. We happily accept advertisements for any business you may have or articles concerning the most pressing topics of the day. If you have an idea but you are unsure if it is newsworthy I am happy to spend some time refining a story with you.

Most importantly Port Love will now be offering advice in response to letters submitted two weeks before the next festival. If you want to improve your love life you can submit an advertisement, missed connection, or letter seeking advice.

Any and all news you want printed in the local insert should be sent via letter to Prosperity Brannon. (send it to my email: hannahrcohen1@gmail.com)


Today is the final day to write to the local insert. Please make your voice heard, advertise your goods and services, or write to Port Love if you are looking for romance or a companion to warm your bed during this Winter Festival.

-Prosperity Brannon