Local Concerns

Hello Fellow Citizens of Port Katherine,

As some of you may know by now, my name is Isaac Everhart. Currently, I believe I am best known by my enthusiasm for obscure board games and my use of unorthodox pit ball maneuvers. In the near future though, I would love to be known as one of your Town Council Representatives! To that end, I wish to use this thread to discuss any and all concerns or issues currently plaguing Port Katherine’s citizens.

We are in a time of flux right now - Our town is just starting out and has already faced many hardships. Pirates circle our waters. The Fae now walk among us. But through it all, we came together and reclaimed this settlement as our own. I will be the first to admit that I am not a fighter. I will never be the folk hero of song. But I came to Port Katherine with dreams of changing the world for the better, and I am willing to put forth whatever Scholarly powers I have at my disposal to achieve that dream, starting with Port Katherine!

Starting with all of you.

You all are what make Port Katherine great. Let’s continue making greatness, together. No issue is too small. We are not here to judge, only to learn from each other.

Thank you, for your time and for your consideration,
Countess Isaac Everhart


I want to know that the Militia will be financed. Those of a primarily martial bent are the only ones currently in a poor position to create a trade guild. I want to know that the colony has a means of self-defense that will not immediately lead to internal bickering over who is to invoice whom. It is up to the council to determine how to generate the funds, but that is my main concern for now; I am a butler, not a soldier, and I expect to rely on the Military to protect me.