Library Cart Policy Updates

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To the Citizens of Port Katherine,

I created the library cart service in an attempt to make access to knowledge more easily accessible to the whole of the town, and I intend to continue the service but with some modifications based on the requests I have been receiving and how it has been used.

I will no longer be showing up with a sign up sheet and bringing books to and from the library at specific times during the festival. Almost no one has taken advantage of this service, and the constraints on my own time are too great to continue for a service so rarely used. However alternate methods of accessing texts are now available to those unable to climb the hill.

I will leave a copy of the library inventory in the cart, as before, but now if you wish to read an item on it please contact me between festivals and I will be sure it finds its way into your hands. A notable exception is those books which require fees to check out. If you desire to read one of those, find me at any time during the festival.

Yours Sincerely,
Lady Annaliese Leopolda Liane Johanna Verenberg-Hossler von Siblerholtz

[OOG note] I made digital copies of everything and that seems easier for everyone in most cases. Contact me and I’ll send you one. I do think the experience of going to the physical library is a good one but if you can’t or due to circumstances just don’t have time to, I want you to also get to see our collected accumulated knowledge.