Let my woe be a warning: Do not underestimate the hill!

Tl;dr: I managed to sprain and possibly fracture my ankle last night. Don’t be me. F*ck That Hill is not messing around.

A Tale of Woe and Warning:

Do not step down from that rock into its shadow! The ground is not where you think it is!

Being 3/4 of the way to your cabin will not save you.

The enticing sight of your LED candles on the ramp will not save you.

The fact that it is after soft stop and you are relaxed will not save you.

Your false sense of security will be your downfall!

The shadow beneath the rock can claim your ankle faster than a thought!

Let my misfortune stand as a reminder to us all: F*ck That Hill. Also, ankle support is your friend.

All hail the Safety Lord who reminds us of these dangers; heed his warnings where I did not!