Lessons, Advanced Headers, and the End of the Year

Now that the first year is over and many of us are unlocking our advanced headers, I have a few questions/clarifications to ask for. (Most of these will be regarding Advanced Apothecary stuff, but presumably they’ll apply to others as well.)

  1. I took all 4 Advanced Apothecary Lessons this year. Once I submit my final Lesson in BGS, will I be able to buy Advanced Apothecary skills immediately after processing, or will I have to pay extra/do something else?

  2. Will BGS be up for us to submit our lessons & unlock Advanced headers before the Cycle ends? (in other words, should I save my points for Advanced skills or spend the CP now?)

  3. RE: the free uses of skills we submitted Lessons for… how do they work going forward?
    E.G. I took the Distillation lesson in Spring and got to use it once each for free for Summer, Fall and Winter. I took 2-Component Chemistry in Summer… do I still get a free use this coming Spring? What if I buy the Advanced Header? Or I buy the 2-Component Chemistry skill, do I still get a free extra use?

  4. (slightly off topic) I taught my cousin Demyin 2-Component Chemistry during the Winter session, but forgot that he got a free use, and I was the one who turned in all the extra Alizé components at checkout. Any way I could transfer two of those components to him? I’ll use my Focus if I need to.

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My understanding is the free use lasts a year from unlocking it, whether you’ve purchased it or not, but that’s a good clarification on whether it’s additional to any purchased uses.

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@Misamore Can we get an official response on this?

Sorry - the week after PK is a week I try to pretend PK doesn’t exist. :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, you will immediately unlock Advanced Apothecary
  2. You should spend the CP now - registration for next year won’t be up until January/February, so you won’t be able to submit bgs until then, and I won’t unlock until I process BGS.
  3. You have the free use for the year. If you buy the skill, you lose the free use.
  4. Yeah, just tell me in advance which are which.