Land Surveying Service Available

To the landed citizens of Port Katherine—

Having recently attained a proficiency in the surveyor’s craft, I wish to apply my skills to the benefit of my fellow citizens.

Proper management is paramount to the efficient planning and administration of any land use project. Whether forest, mine, river, or field, a careful survey of one’s estate can reduce operating costs and allow one to reap greater rewards from the land’s natural bounty. Upon conducting a survey of any one type of property, I can guarantee an increase in your output of saleable goods from properties of that type to fully 150% of their expected yield for the season.

Terms of payment for the surveyor’s fee are highly negotiable, payable either in local currency or equivalent in barter value. However, as my other research demands the majority of my attentions, I regret that I will only be able to conduct one such project this quarter; I will thus offer this service to the highest bidder. Interested property owners may reply below.

~ V.Q.E. Moraine


At this juncture, I will offer 10 ducats for your services. I have vast tracts of land that could use the surveying.

(Edited the original post in case the description was misleading: Surveying increases the yield of ALL plots of any one type by 150%. It works just like the effect of Laborer, and stacks with other bonuses or laborers.)

Final call for interested parties to commission a survey of their estates! (Any representatives of the town council looking to allocate funding to accelerating the construction of public works?)

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Would this be a 50% increase on the land’s original value, or a 50% increase on the output that skilled laborers are already producing?

The impact of a survey is multiplicative with that of skilled labor, or public works. The combination should yield a total of 225% of the base output. (Source)

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Fantastic. So can I count on you surveying my lands?
(I’m waiting before we finalize to submit my bga)

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Yours is the highest (and only) bid, so yes indeed!