Kithiran Political Parties

For people who missed these details. There are three political parties in Kithira. This will be relevant this summer:

Unification Party (Unifiers):

  • oldest party, take their name from their attempts to keep the country together after the revolution
  • in favor of keeping taxes low and few if any business regulations
  • favor a strong military and have an expansionist colonial policy
  • in favor of the Port Katherine expedition
  • Hold 65 of 100 seats in the Kithiran Parliament

Reformation Party (Reformers):

  • relatively new party, emerged from the ashes of a party whose primary plank was peace with Tiyago, who lost almost all their seats when the most recent war was declared
  • believes in maintaining peace and trade with neighbors, and maintaining a non-threatening defensive-only military posture
  • wants to impose taxes to provide social services
  • wants to modernize Kithira and supports many government innovations
  • thinks the PK expedition is a waste of money at best and threatening to our rivals at worst
  • Controls 27 seats in Parliament

Imperialist Party (Imperialists):

  • small rump party that believes in reunification with Tiyago
  • thinks democracy is a bad idea; wants the Queen to be an Empress
  • thinks the PK expedition is a distraction from increased trade with Tiyago, who could provide arcanum instead
  • They hold 8 seats in Parliament

Starting new parties: FIOG, or definitively not allowed?

Port Katherine elects a Member of Parliament from its district. Citizens are encouraged, but not required, to run as a member of one of the three major parties.

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I remember being told blue ribbons were associated with Unifiers and yellow ribbons with reformists. Is this correct and are there other colors/inconography asscoiated with any of the parties?

That’s in the paper, and I will direct you to there.

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Is the Port Katherine seat a hundred-first seat, or is there a more general redistricting?

Are the other 100 seats all from the main islands, or do the small islands get clumped together into districts as well?

Port Katherine is a 101st seat. Very controversial.

Other small islands get clumped into districts associated with the larger islands, so they’re really annoyed about this.