Kithiran New Years 2019 Teaser

Citizens of Port Katherine,

It is my honor to invite each of you to join me in celebration of the New Year, to be held at the newly constructed Soames Center for Civic Engagement, a function hall sponsored by our own Clarity and Radumil Soames, to bring the community together for events such as these.

I understand there was some controversy on who would be hosting this event. Since the new civic center was so graciously built by Countess Soames, I happily extended her the offer as host.

As is traditional, guests should feel encouraged to bring food and merriment to share with their friends and companions on this island, and numerous games will be offered to add to the festivities.

Of course, as many of you know, the very idea of violence on New Years is abhorrent and impossible to consider; your weapons will not be required in any way for this evening. For those interested in celebrating their own martial prowess, Seline Dawson will be hosting a boxing tournament early in the festivities, though participants are encouraged to be wary of drawing blood, lest they dishonor one of the most ancient and sacred taboos. Those interested in the boxing tournament should, of course, abstain from the consumption of alcohol until after their time in the ring.

Immediately following the boxing tournament, we will have a small dance, for those interested in courtly pursuits. Instructors will be on hand for those uncertain of the steps.

Throughout the evening, we will be conducting two parallel auctions, with proceeds from both going toward the Port Katherine Orphan Initiative, a charity set up this past fall with funds raised by our very own Czeslawa Alize, a dedicated servant of the least fortunate among us.

The first auction will be a silent auction - attached to the items in question, you will find sheets where you may write your name and your bid. When the period for bidding concludes, the highest bid will win the item.

The second auction will be a live auction conducted toward the end of the evening. Items for this auction will be on display throughout the night, but no bidding may commence. Local Kithiran Merchants’ Association representative Jan Wyzykowski will conduct the live auction. Please note: should you win any items in the silent auction, you will be ineligible to bid in the live auction. Choose wisely.

Finally, since we are fortunate to live in the same town as an internationally recognized chef, Countess Soames has engaged the services of Suyematsu Masaharu, in order to reward those of you whose culinary arts surpass all others. Awards will be given out in the appetizer/side dish, main course, and dessert categories.

The winter is finally ending, and we have much to celebrate! Come join us and our host as we ring in the New Year!

Captain Robert Stanton
Military Governor, Port Katherine Colony

Out of Game:

A few out-of-game notes:
Address: [Ancient Order of Hibernians, 151 Watertown St, Watertown, MA 02472]( Order of Hibernians, 151 Watertown St, Watertown, MA 02472)

Time : 4 - 9 PM, February 16th, 2019

  • Other than the boxing tournament, this is a completely non-combat event. The idea of shedding blood on New Years is literally impossible for anyone in the Pan Aetherium to even conceive of. In fact, there are no known reports of attacks of any sort on New Years - not even from undead, monsters… anything. Leave your weapons at home.
  • The purpose of the two-tiered auction is to allow players who don’t have a lot of ducats to win something, too. Don’t use your group concept and a betting cartel to win everything.
  • Bringing food is not required (that’s why we have two options for registration), but highly encourgaed, so we have enough food to go around. If you registered to not bring potluck but have since decided to do so, feel free to bring food, and we’ll give you $5 at the door.
  • There is a working bar on site that will exchange alcoholic (and other) beverages for US dollars. We encourage you to enjoy yourselves responsibly at this event and know that the bar pours generously. That said - because there is a working bar, we are not allowed to bring any beverages other than water and coffee. Leave your fancy 18th century concoctions for Summer Revels.
  • There is a working kitchen on site if you need to heat things up. I have no idea how to use it, so you’re on your own.
  • Bathrooms in the hall are designated male and female; however, as with Port Katherine policy, both are gender-neutral. There is a bathroom labeled with a handicapped symbol that we will be using for staff changing; however, if you need it, let us know, and we can provide access.
  • No CP will be awarded for event attendance; however, we will still give out 1 CP for your PEL for this event. Details on Winter Feast PELs will be provided at game-off (and yes, I know, but 2 CP for a 4 hour event seems ridiculous when we only give 3 for a weekend-long event).
  • Registration for the spring season begins the DAY AFTER THIS EVENT at 1pm, for returning players. New players may register one week later.
  • It’s been several months since we’ve seen our characters. Let’s have a great time!



Is there a dish-genre signup to make sure we don’t all bring Jello salad?

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Sure, here you go:



Good thinking

Is there a labeling plan to avoid allergy issues? I’m happy to bring some index cards and pens.


Yes, we’ll have some cards for everyone to fill out when you arrive.

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On the topic of completely unthinkable to have weapons or have any bloodshed, how much of a social faux pas is it to repel unwanted suitors, dance partners, conversation partners, etc?

Repel, Silence, etc - all acceptable options. But don’t shed blood. Or even risk it.


Do we still need to bring our surgery bags?

Wouldn’t hurt.