Kithiran New Years, 1720 (Teaser)

Citizens of Port Katherine,

I would like to formally invite you all to celebrate New Year’s Day together at the governor’s manor. It is my hope that this day can serve as a time to put aside the troubles and trials that we are currently facing, both personally and as a community, so that we can reflect on the successes and triumphs of our past year together.

We will hold traditional activities during this evening. Please bring food to share as an offering of solidarity to one another. Music will be played for those interested in informal dancing. We have, additionally, secured the time of a local theatrical troupe, though they have been unforthcoming about the subject of their performance. And of course, we will host various games for those who wish to participate. We shall offer rewards to those who bring the most pleasing food to share, as judged by the famed uyematsu Masaharu. He will divide the competition into categories for an appetizer/side dish, main dish, and dessert.

As last year, we will again host two auctions during our celebration. The proceeds will benefit the Drevnia Rebuilding Association, to aid those affected by the recent tragedy. The first will be a silent auction, where prospective buyers record their bids on a publicly displayed paper. At the end of the bidding period, the highest bidder recorded on the paper will receive the item. The second is a live auction, conducted by Jan Wyrzykowski of the Kithiran Merchants’ Association. This auction will proceed in a typical manner, with the one caveat that anyone who has won an item in the silent auction is barred from participation in the live auction.

I will reiterate - though we all know clearly - that New Years is a day of nonviolence, so you should all feel at liberty to leave any weapons at home. Though some may feel their weapons an extension of themselves or an integral piece of their dress, we all do acknowledge that nothing is so unsettling as an instrument of harm on New Years Day.

I look forward to seeing you all at this day of reflection and celebration. It is my dearest hope that we can come together to celebrate the things we have accomplished and to appreciate the things we hold dear. Ahead us is a year of sacrifice and turmoil. But for this day, we can hold truth, loyalty, and love in our hearts, before we must brave the tumult of war.

Countess Clarity Soames
Governor of Port Katherine

Out of Game:
A few out-of-game notes:

  • Address:
    Ancient Order of Hibernians, 151 Watertown St, Watertown, MA 02472
  • Time : 4 - 9 PM, March 7, 2020
  • This is a completely non-combat event. The idea of shedding blood on New Years is literally impossible for anyone in the Pan Aetherium to even conceive of. In fact, there are no known reports of attacks of any sort on New Years - not even from undead, monsters… anything. Leave your weapons at home.
  • The purpose of the two-tiered auction is to allow players who don’t have a lot of ducats to win something, too. Don’t use your group concept and a betting cartel to win everything.
  • Bringing food is not required (that’s why we have two options for registration), but highly encouraged, so we have enough food to go around. If you registered to not bring potluck but have since decided to do so, feel free to bring food, and we’ll give you $5 at the door.
  • We will provide cards and markers on site to list allergens/ingredients/etc in food.
  • Our lovely players have created a spreadsheet to help coordinate the potluck: help everyone out by filling in what you plan to bring!
  • If you won a spoon in last year’s cooking competition - please bring it back!
  • There is a working bar on site that will exchange alcoholic (and other) beverages for US dollars (cash only, and there is an ATM on site). We encourage you to enjoy yourselves responsibly at this event and know that the bar pours generously. That said - because there is a working bar, we are not allowed to bring any beverages other than water and coffee. Leave your fancy 18th century concoctions for Summer Revels.
  • There is a working kitchen on site if you need to heat things up. I have no idea how to use it, so you’re on your own.
  • Bathrooms in the hall are designated male and female; however, as with Port Katherine policy, both are gender-neutral. There is a bathroom labeled with a International Symbol of Access that we will be using for staff changing; however, if you need it, let us know, and we can provide access.
  • No CP will be awarded for event attendance; however, we will still give out 1 CP for your PEL for this event. Details on Winter Feast PELs will be provided at game-off (and yes, I know, but 2 CP for a 4 hour event seems ridiculous when we only give 3 for a weekend-long event).
  • It’s been several months since we’ve seen our characters. Let’s have a great time!

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine