July Donation List

We’re looking for some items to help make our fall/winter seasons even more amazing! Thank you so much for helping!

Remember: please ship all items to Brian Misamore, 283 Washington St #3, Cambridge, MA 02139. Once you purchase, send receipts to staff@portkatherine.com so we can get you your donation CP.

Claim items with a reply to this message on the forums.

  1. 1x http://a.co/9F5deO7 (CLAIMED)
  2. 5 yards of https://www.fabric.com/buy/dl-263/nylon-rip-stop-electric?cm_vc=756b1813-cbc1-43b3-84bd-29889bf8fb7b (CLAIMED)
  3. 6 yards of http://a.co/0AxUjn2
  4. 1x https://www.dollartree.com/Wham-O-Round-Foam-Water-Noodles-49-/p317651/index.pro (CLAIMED)
  5. Uniforms x 6 https://www.candyapplecostumes.com/fo73492.html (3 OF 6 CLAIMED)
  6. 3x https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XYMN8JJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_x4H8AbJPAPBK8?th=1, Wine-colored, various sizes (CLAIMED)
  7. 12x http://a.co/anp5el3 (CLAIMED)
  8. 1x http://a.co/9wanTXN (CLAIMED)
  9. 12x http://a.co/2Tt2zpj (CLAIMED)
  10. 12x https://www.partycity.com/adult-long-brown-pirate-vest-176353.html
  11. 10x https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071NM568R/ref=twister_B06Y52RK1X?_encoding=UTF8&th=1 (preferably silver, buy gold if no silver available) (CLAIMED)
  12. 6x https://www.spirithalloween.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=150186
  13. 2x http://a.co/1toreQh

Thank you everyone for making this game as amazing as it can be!

Brian Misamore
Game Director

Dibs on number 11. I can get all 10.

I can grab #8

Dibs on #2!

I can take:
#1 and #6: The Hula hoops and the robes, all of them.

#7, all 12. is there a color requirement.

Any shade of brown is preferable, black/white/grey if they’re out of brown

Did you want the entire case of dollar store pool noodles?

Yes :smiley:


Alright. Put me down for # 4, giant case of pool noodles.

I’ll do #9 all 12

I will take 1x number 5 with a side of fries.

I’ll take two of #5.

@Misamore For those of us with more time than money, are you going to be posting a crafting items list, as well?