Julien Emile de Bellefleur for Town Council

Julien pins a long piece of parchment to the tavern billboard

Julien Emile de Bellefleur for Town Council

I humbly put my name up for consideration because - regrettably - I do not believe that anybody else running will take the steps necessary to ensure that the Fae do not immediately destroy us for our insolence upon their return.

I want to make one thing clear, as this has been a common misconception: I do not worship the Fae. I simply show Them the respect that is due of their station, as any of the ill guided nobles of Kithira would expect of those not of nobility, and live my life in service of this cause. Some of my methods and beliefs may seem abhorrent to you, but I take every action I take because I believe it brings me closer to Them.

As many of you know, I was blessed with the good fortune of being summoned by the Winter changeling, Seven. It was through this fortune and Seven’s undeniable benevolence that we managed to avoid our obliteration at the hands of the Changelings for our transgression of not leaving this island when the Verdant Envoy requested so of us.

It is due to this relationship that I believe that I am, though it gives me no pleasure, this town’s best hope at avoiding any future transgressions against the Changelings and the Fae, and for as long as Seven so graces me with his presence, shall attempt to ameliorate the relationships between us and Them, so that we find our conditions amenable to our needs upon the restoration of the Natural Order.

Below is the policy platform I would work to implement should you elect me to represent you on the town council:

  1. Continue to work with the changelings to achieve mutual understanding between us in the best interests of Port Katherine and Kithira as a whole

and to this end

  1. Work with the other members of the town council to put into place steps to dismantle the town council upon the return of the Fae and the restoration of the Natural Order

and to this end

  1. Work with the other members of the town council to ensure that the citizens of Port Katherine are ready to restore the Natural Order such that we will be ready to take back up our station upon Their return.

and to this end

4. Work with the other members of the town council to assemble a list of Undeservings, those individuals who would not prostrate themselves before the Fae, to be presented to the Fae upon Their return

and to this end

  1. Work with the other members of the town council to shutter the arcanum mines of Port Katherine to wean its citizenry’s dependence upon said arcanum for their technologies, which are an affront to the privileges that can only be provided by the Fae upon Their return

and to this end

  1. Implement a punitive tax on the sale of arcanum to be set at double the current market price when said sale takes place, to be used to fund the aforementioned policies.

Let us remember, that under the guidance of Seven, we have not been led astray, and that we may have in fact been saved from our own destruction under his guidance.

Many of my colleagues who are also running for town council have not put forth a concrete plan for how they will deal with the Fae, and this is of grave concern. They preoccupy themselves with matters of women that do not serve to restore us in the eyes of the Fae, but instead persist with the misguided and false concept that womankind can create a society built upon the ruins of the Fae.

We must do what is necessary, and ask these candidates how they plan to work towards the restoration of the Natural Order, such that all of womankind is not removed from existence for the actions of our forebears that caused The Shattering.


Julien Emile de Bellefleur

“I stand with the town”

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Julien, after receiving much input from members of the town, and not wishing to cast further doubt on his allegiances, crosses off creating a list of Undeservings from his policies