Journeying For Information [a hastily scrawled note left in Season's Edge]

To my Choir family, my good friends at Marinus Labs, my fellow scholars, and all I’ve met so far in this lovely Port

I’ve been called in my heart to explore, research, and experiment on my own. I am packing up to journey to the lesser known parts of this island. I hope to have much exciting information to share upon my eventual return!


Byrgen came to the last 2 events while my knees were unable to be a fighty-type like Isadora. I’m now being Isadora again, and plan to remain as her until I reach a conclusion to her story (or need to give my knees a break again), at which point Byrgen will return from his wanderings on the island.

Thank you everyone who’s made playing Byrgen truly delightful! I’m very excited for the day he becomes my primary character.


May your journey to the edge be met with knowledge and power! The Blessed Galleon eagerly awaits your return, and news of your travels.

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