James' Lessons

Starting this Autumn, I will be teaching classes for any lessons I am qualified to teach.

My rates will be 5 ducats per student, minimum 10 ducats per class (so it’s advantageous to bring a friend).

Why should you pick me over one of the more experienced teachers? Simply put, I’ll be around all weekend.

Currently, the I can mainly only teach Skirmisher lessons, but if there is sufficient interest, I plan to expand my knowledge to any/all other skill sets with time.

Autumn Available Lessons:

True Skirmisher:

  • Agility
  • Evasive Maneuvers

Advanced Skirmisher:

  • Weapon Proficiency (70% confidence I can teach this one)
  • Pierce (Advanced Skirmisher/True Soldier)

True Soldier:

  • Pierce (True Soldier/Advanced Skirmisher)