Items left on site

Hi everyone! I just realized I left both my sword and dagger on site, has anyone found either of these? Both are latex weapons.

Edit: sword found, still not sure where the dagger ended up

I…left my ice packs in the ice machine…

a cool latex dagger and the ice packs were in the box of abandoned stuff I sent down to staff center.

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Who usually has the abandoned stuff between summer and fall?

Sometimes i have items if it’s just 1 or 2 things, sometimes they go into the RFR lost and found. This time it was the latter.

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The PK lost and found went home with me this time, so I can take a look.

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It’s very possible it ended up in one of the couple of bags of boffers in storage. My weapons nearly ended up there too.

It sounds like the ice packs did not make it to Ducky’s . . . Might someone else have grabbed those?

Doing some larp cleanup and realized I left a black sack with a sword (wold head on hilt) and some costuming pieces in the kitchen as I was helping out there Saturday.

It looks like I have the ice packs (didn’t immediately recognize them for what they were). The rest of the stuff will probably get packed back up this week, and I can make a list