Island Census

In an effort to more efficiently organize ourselves and our enterprising efforts, do we think it’s a good idea to create an unofficial record of the current members of the Port Katherine expedition? I imagine a quick summary including one’s name, any groups or families they would like to name themselves a part of, their chosen line of work, and any professions they may lay claim to would be sufficient.

Perhaps the layout could be something as simple as, “Bertrand Steinmann, Personal Valet to Count von Silberholz, Skirmisher, Probationary Member of the Port Katherine Foxes” modified accordingly, of course.

And, as this is a public record, of sorts, any additional information you are willing to provide will be exceedingly helpful. If we know of your general inclinations towards different jobs and tasks, then it will be all the more simple to create interest groups for different topics and activities. My example above should be taken as the bare minimum.

Livewell Birkett Lureen, spiritualist, inter alia.

Generally available to provide counsel on various matters, interested in all manner of scholarly topics regarding: death, dying, the nature of being, etc.

All right, my fellow lovers of demography… I was passing through town today and dropped off a stack of paper cards in the Library, pre-filled with the names of everyone I have identified so far (some are missing surnames, and I am sure I have missed many residents, especially those who have come to Port Katherine to teach and so on). These cards are otherwise for the most part blank. Let’s see if the collective effort of the masses can result in a usable census that can assist in our democratic aspirations next season. Please add lines for your teachers, acquaintances, etc: the most important goal of a census is to get a complete list so that we can follow up on details later!


With permission @sophical I will be copying this record for personal and public use.

[IC and OOC]: This is a public and collaborative project, you don’t need permission to copy… just please try to actively contribute to it!

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Thank you for putting this together. I have notified the rest of the Ban Sidhe crew to fill this out. And added what details I could.

Countess Waxillium Wick