Island Biomes

So some of the culture packets and descriptions cover what the climate of the various other islands are like, but they don’t really go into biome. Do we know much about what kind of animals live on the various islands? Like, would a Chepstonian rancher or a Zlotan hunter have to worry about wolves? Leopards? Komodo Dragons? Regular dragons?

Or what kind of fruit grows in either place? More in the apples and pumpkins or the mangoes and breadfruit range? (Clearly somebody’s growing apples and raising cows since we have both)

I’m totally fine making up answers as needed but I was wondering if there was a canon


Personally the way I have been picturing it is,

Chepstone being a mix of Cali and Florida getting more of the fruit and delicate crops.
Zlota being more of the hardy root crops.
And Drevnia being the indoor growing stuff.

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I took it as:

Chepsone is temperate and fertile, when in doubt everything grows there. probably Georgia.

Tojima is said to have hot summers so this I pictures more of the Cali/Florida route, and stuff from south america like cocoa and sugarcane.

Drevnia is Alaska, so maybe they have barely, hay, potatoes, oats, ect. but are probably most about leather, wood, and mining.

ZLota is like new england; hearty root vegetables, cranberry bogs, apple trees, and stuff that does well with very clearly defined seasons. Being (previously) closest to the ring it has cold winters, hot summers, and rainy spring/falls.

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We were pondering the wildlife one might encounter, since a place with many llamas and a place with many red pandas might both be temperate, but probably not the same place. Then again, who knows how wildlife was distributed when the ring shattered!


I answered something similar in BGS, so let me see if I can bang out a quick summary:

Chepstone is basically sunnier British Isles. Rolling meadows, lots of arable land, climate is not quite Georgia, but definitely slightly warmer than New England

Tojima’s climate varies between the lowlands and the highlands. The lowlands are muggy and wet, mostly rice farms, and the highlands mimic those of Peru

There is basically no arable land on top of Drevnia. What little land does not exist on the slope is basically Greenland.

Zlota is Eastern Europe. Dense forest, heavy snowfalls, settlements are few and far between


If you want to do an in-depth dive on plants, animals, and cuisines of the various isles, I would recommend spending some research or chatting up folks from those islands.


Cool, thanks! And if someone chats us up, should we assume a baseline of those regions mentioned? So like, assume english countryside animals for Chepstone?

I’m definitely not just trying to figure out whether Stev has taken pot shots at skunks for trying to eat their beehives in the middle of the night. Nope.


I think we can make good guesses as characters from British Isles, Peru, Greenland, and Eastern Europe. Basically, we didn’t want to go around saying we’d seen bears only to later find out staff had a reason for there to not be bears.

@Belial and my main concern chatting offline was not stepping on staff’s toes, so as far as learning anything that would be mechanically useful we will FOIG, but for character flavor presumably Isadora knows what kind of animals lived near her estate in Southeastern Zlota. Which… apparently includes Klipspringers based on team names.

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