Inventing Advanced schematics

We know that Advanced schematics can only be designed and built by a Gadgeteer.

  1. Does every single point of Experiment have to come from a Gadgeteer, or would Focus/Coordinating [a qualified Gadgeteer performing an Experiment] with [a team of other less qualified assistants also performing Experiments] grant some amount of benefit?
  2. Since Research Assistant grants additional skill ranks to the subject, am I correct that Research Assistant applied to the Experiment skill of a Gadgeteer produces suitably qualified Experiments?

Just doing some extremely long-term lab planning here.

  1. Gadgeteers must supply at least 50% of the experimentation into advanced schematics.
  2. Research Assistant ranks add to the other character and count as though that character had spent those ranks.

Followup: How does this interact with Research on the same schematic?

A> Gadgeteer must do half of the work, roughly: 22 research, 23 any experiment, 45 gadgeteer experiment
B> Gadgeteer must do half of the experimentation, roughly: 22 research, 34 any experiment, 34 gadgeteer experiment