Introduction Thread!

Hello! I am excited to meet this game’s players (and staff!).

Please introduce yourself and if you have a word or two about the character you are considering/conceptualizing, I would really love to hear about them.

I am Caroline, I’m on staff for PK, and I can’t wait to meet you all. I’m a game designer; previous game credits include a whole ton of 1-shot games (Always Waltz, The Gate, Requiem Monstrum, Calculations, Sensory Deprivation, USS Aspire), FourTwenty ARG/LARP, Second Dawn, Steam & Cinders (I and II), and almost 10 years worth of other games I ran in NYC… and I wrote a design methodology called Mytharc. I teach at Northeastern University in the games program; business and design courses. I co-run an immersive theater/game company called Incantrix Producitons, and I happily volunteer with NEIL (New England Interactive Literature) on the game proposals committee. When I’m not doing games stuff, I run a nonprofit called BostonFIG, and sit on the board for Be Epic. And when I’m not doing that I have a full time job in cybersecurity.

This is my first Red Feather game and I’m really thrilled to be a part of it and to be working with such excellent staffers.

I’m completely not picky about pronouns in any way. Most people call me she/her, some they/them.


Hey @car0mur, thank you so much for kicking off this thread (and, in so doing, for reminding me to add “pipe the latest forum posts to the front page of the website” to my punch list)! I’m not a player, but I’ll join in the fun anyway, if that’s alright.

I’m Eben, and my pronouns are he/him. I have been LARPing since the early 2000s (holy heck), but I have been an RPG nerd since long before that. I was President of Dead City Productions (Northwestern University’s Vampire LARP club out in Chicago, IL – I know, I know.) Later I came to the New England LARP tradition via a little game called Prophet’s Fall, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m a founder emeritus from Be Epic, and served as the Ombudsperson for Red Feather Roleplaying from its inception through earlier this year. I am also the resident web-tinker, and will be responsible for most of the game’s information technology infrastructure (so, if you encounter a bug, message me.)

My fandoms are too numerous to list, I am Tumblr-trash from way back, a Social Justice Wizard, and I enjoy memes from the salty to the dankest. I look forward to seeing you all in-game!



My name is Peter, I’ll be playing Port Katherine as Leland Casmirre, Privateer sniper, quartermaster, and all around fancy fellow. I’m super excited to see my old friends and meet new ones!

I’ve started LARPing regularly at the beginning of 2017, playing Outpost, Divine Intervention, and staffing for Ballad. I helped run Romancing Jan at Intercon this year, and am excited to play this game!


Ooo. I already wrote this once and can copy!

Meet the Game Director!

A few people have asked who is running this game. The answer is, well, me (along with the rest of my team). My name is Brian Misamore, and I’m the Port Katherine Game Director. It’s probably useful to know a little bit about me.

I started LARPing in November, 1999, playing a Vampire: The Masquerade game as part of the Camarilla LARP organization (which - having gone through many, many iterations - is now called the Minds Eye Society). We were on the second floor landing of one of the classroom buildings on campus at Texas A&M. I wore a black shirt and a red tie and was playing a Toreador. I knew the game world well; I was comfortable with my character concept; and I embarrassed myself within 30 seconds of speaking to another player character. I would end up playing in the Camarilla for another 11 years.

In 2009, a group of friends I had met while Vampire-LARPing encouraged me to try boffer LARPing at a game called Steam and Cinders. By the fall of 2010, I was staffing S&C, and I would be on their main plot team until that game’s finale in October of 2013. I served on Be Epic’s Board of Directors (the parent organization for S&C) as their Treasurer from 2010 to 2016, and as a Board Member from 2013 to 2016. In the meantime, I began playing Terres Rising and Legends.

In early 2013, I became a founding Board member of Red Feather Roleplaying, their Treasurer, and a player at their first game – Witchwood, and I continue to serve in all three of those capacities. Now, I am privileged to be able to bring you Red Feather Roleplaying’s second offering, Port Katherine.

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but have lived in Ohio, Texas, Connecticut, and England. I was born in the small town of Findlay, Ohio. I play the harp and can barely remember my piano lessons from years ago. Under certain conditions, I can be encouraged to sing sea chanties.

I am a veteran of the United States Navy Submarine force, hold an MBA from McGill University in Montreal, work at Harvard Business School writing online courses under their HBX brand, and am married to the incredible and amazing Adrian Tatro.

And guys – I am so SO excited about this game.


Hi everybody! My name is David (he/him), and while I’m not new to Larping, I’m fairly certain I will not know a single person at Port Katherine. I’m coming from quite the distance (New Haven, CT) but the game and the attitude/feel that the staff are looking for both in game and exhibit in the real world have me really excited. Please especially say hi if you happen to be local to Connecticut, as I find I really don’t know many people around here anymore.

I haven’t had a regular LARP game in about 5 years, but very much missing the escape and personal growth that tends to come from them. I rather enjoy both the creation of a character and watching and participating in the evolution of a world. I’ve Larped on and off, boffer and/or parlor since somewhere around 1999.

In my everyday life, I’m an elearning designer and learning management system administrator, currently working for United Technologies Corporate. It pays the bills – my actual degree is in Bioethics with a focus on Reproductive Ethics, but try finding a job in that without at least a Masters! I’m a big philosophy and poetry nerd but rarely pester others about it without them starting the conversation, so no worry there.

I also have the rather bad fortune to have a rather serious health ailment that could, in the long run, impact getting to game – but so far, everything goes well. As a note – I’m totally cool about talking about said issues, but I don’t like to drop heavy stuff on people without warning, so if you are interested, please just ask. I also have a wonderful little cat named Black Thirteen, though I usually just call her Teeny.

As for Port Katherine, I honestly still have no clue what I am going to play. It took me months to convince myself that I should take a risk and meet a bunch of new people, so with that decision made I’m behind on character ideas/creation. If anyone wants to talk shop, character ties, ideas or anything else, I’m honestly probably quite up for it. When I initially found Port Katherine I am fairly sure I asked Brian 20+ questions in a single afternoon on Facebook after introducing myself. So, feel free to reach out if it so strikes you :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone!

I’m Beth (she/her or they/them), and I plan to play Ursula Swift, a gardener/apothecary from Zlota whose sister disappeared with the first PK mission. I also hope to write a bunch of sarcastic columns for the newspaper.

I’m looking forward to being in a campaign from the player side again, which I haven’t done in over 5 years.

I’m one of the founders of Red Feather Roleplaying’s first game, Witchwood. I currently staff there, and I directed the game from 2014-2016.

I started LARPing back in 2001, playing Vampire, Changeling, and Mage at the University of Maryland while I was finishing up high school.

I spent the next decade and a half larping primarily with the MIT Assassins’ Guild and making annual trips to Intercon. I ran a number of one-shot theater LARPs including Two Hours in London, Muppet Purgatory, Candyland: Crisis at Castle Candy, and Power Ballad: Total Eclipse of the Eternal Flame.

When I’m not LARPing, I work as a mechanical engineer at GE Aviation. I also enjoy classes in circus arts. The rest of my time goes to my adorable 1-year old child. I will happily send anyone who wants them pictures of him snuggling cats.


Hey folks!

I’m Haley (she/her or they/them), staff’s combat/rules gremlin. I’ve been LARPing since 2012ish (mostly with the MIT Assassins’ Guild and Witchwood, though you may have run into me NPCing Threshold, Future Imperfect, Tales of Valor, or Clockwork Skies)

I’m originally from the Seattle area and therefore have the contractually-mandated Too Many Feelings about music and overcast weather. I also enjoy knitting and other kinds of crafting. My day job is software development for NGP VAN (a fundraising/data management platform for progressive political and nonprofit orgs) which means that I am online basically constantly. This means you should feel free to bounce Port Katherine ideas off me and/or send me pictures of your pets pretty much whenever.

I’ve written a handful of one-shots but this is my first time staffside in a campaign, which is a little intimidating but I’m very much looking forward to it!



I am Bestwick. Jason is also a name i am called by some, i guess. I’ve been primarily LARPing as part of the Be Epic community way back in 2009 and just havent stopped! I’ve staffed the majority of Steam and Cinders 1 and then played SnC 2, Second Dawn, Lacuna Cathect, and Ballad. I’ve briefly attended Madrigal 2 and 3, as well as one single night of Legends way back when. Most recently, i’m one of the creators of Divine Intervention.

As for PK, i haven’t quite nailed down a character concept quite yet, but i’m probably leaning towards some sort of retired military/wilderness scout in theme with either soldier or skirmisher and maybe a splash of apothecary.


Hello! I’m Jessica~ I’ve been LARPing since '99 in a casual LARP called the Realms of Wonder, recently played an accelerant LARP called Occam’s Razor, and also occasionally attend the SCA. (Especially for archery and dance) For the last couple of years I’ve been really focused on the whole motherhood biz, but I’m looking forward to finally getting back to work part time and investing some of that capital into sweet sweet adult-social time!

I plan to play Serendipity Locke; an apothecary/gardener from zlota… no missing sister though! She loves to study and learn, and has a driving desire to explore and discover. When she wasn’t attending to her college studies of chemistry, she was working in taverns, ‘comfort houses’ and gambling dens in an effort to study and master her second favorite subject: people. (…That area of study proves somewhat more elusive.)

So when you return to town, come to the season’s edge! She’ll mix you up a drink at the bar, and eagerly listen to all the tales of what has been discovered on this new and dangerous frontier while tossing about some dice (or dealing out some cards) with you over a friendly wager.


Hello! I’m Veronica, I live in Somerville and I’m pretty excited to play this game. I’ve been larping since 2014, both PC and staff side. I really love strong immersion games, hard choices, and experiencing joy, sorrow, anger - the full run at a game. Fighting is awesome, and while I love it, this PC will likely not be fighting all the much. Mind you, I’d love to spar a bit outside of game.

I plan to play a navy doctor, Bethany Morrison. I’m very interested in field surgery and hope to be the sort of doctor that is not hiding in a hospital, but patching you up quickly and sending you back out to the line. Looking forward to the seemingly large amount of medical RP, based on how many other players seem to want to also be doctors.

Aside from medical things, I’m hoping to bring a pipe to game for smoking hour. I enjoy drawing OOG and hope to bring that to my character for PK. Lastly I love playing dice games like threes, or liar’s dice, and will have a set with me pretty much always, so find me during down time!

Anything else, I’ll let you learn for yourself through RP.



Hello Everyone!

I’m Melissa and my pronouns are she/her.

This is going to be my second boffer LARP; I’m one of the people coming over from Witchwood, and my third LARP in total. I’ve only been in Witchwood for 1 year, though, and the other LARP for a year before that, so I still think of myself as pretty new to all this! Especially compared to some of you veteran larpers. I’ve done roleplay in some form since I started college in 2007, however.

I’m a software designer. It’s my dream to someday do game design, and if life decides to be extra perfect for me, educational game design. I have a MA in it but it’s a bit oddly specific when looking for jobs. I live in Western Ma.

I’ll be playing Lady Annaliese, a scholar noblewoman of the von Silberholtz family, and she’s so very excited to meet you all!


Hi I’m James Edward Carroll IV and I have been larping since 2008 when my coworker Mike Kanarek told me about a new larp he was starting up called Steam and Cinders, I have been larping ever since.
I have attending quite a lot of larps over the last 10 years, including S&C 1 and 2, Legends, Draconis, Eif, Blessing, Kyranthia, Prophecy Returns, a bunch of others, and I staffed for a bit early on at Second Dawn.

I’m looking forward to attending this larp which has some amazing features and play an rp heavy character. I have been pretty busy with a lot of real world stuff over the past few years, such as school, so I am also quite excited to see some familiar faces I haven’t seen in awhile.

I am still in the process of finalizing my character so I won’t give anything away yet. :wink:
I am unsure if I will be attending the first event, but have already signed up for the summer event.

Can’t wait to see everyone!


Looking forward to seeing you at game James! It’s been a while!

Greetings! I am Ben (or Ducky, as your preference) and mostly use he/him pronouns.

I’ve been larping since ‘09, starting with the MIT Assassins’ Guild, and currently play at Witchwood, although I also routinely crunch for Threshold and sporadically for other Accelerant games in the area and Tales of Valor. I suspect you will see me in game as all manner of monster.

Outside of game, I grew up in the Boston area and currently work in Bedford for a gene therapy company doing process development. In my spare time I am an avid systems geek and love to play all manner of board games and pen and paper tabletops, as well as trying to teach myself leatherworking and electrical engineering.


Hi! I’m Stephanie, but I also answer to “spaige” (rhymes with page). My pronouns are they/them, or she/her. I started LARPing with the MIT Assassins’ Guild, and thence got sucked into the wonderful world of New England campaign LARPs.

I currently write plots for Future Imperfect II, cast for Tales of Valor and Threshold, and am really, really looking forward to being player side again here at Port Katherine.

In real life, I am (staring into the maw of entropy as) a security researcher at Akamai Technologies. I play [board,video] games, sew, and make props, too!


Hi! I’m Eli (or estick if there are too many Elis), my pronouns are he/him. I started LARPing with a local LARP summer camp called Wayfinder, and from there found my way to the MIT Assassins’ Guild and then into the world of campaign LARPing.

I currently write plots for Future Imperfect II, cast at Threshold (and possibly soon at Witchwood), and play at Tales of Valor. In real life I am a software engineer and part-time parkour coach, I play a lot of board games, spend unreasonable amounts of time doing system and setting writing for games that will definitely never exist, and frantically try to learn home improvement skills.

I’ll be playing a fancy scoundrel named Lilywhite Sauveterre, and I live in Medford (and have a large backyard and a strong intention to try and host occasional LARP fight practice if the snow ever melts).


It has been too long! it will be great to larp with you again!

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Well, my name is Dylan. A lot of you folks coming over from Witchwood might know me better as Cookie. I’m gonna play this game, so hello everyone.


Hello! My name is Artemis, and I do boring office work for the MBTA! When I’m not exchanging my time for money in order to pay my Lower Allston rent, I play a lot of games: mostly D&D, but I have experience with plenty of other tabletop RPGS, as well as the occasional Netrunner and Malifaux game. I’m also a fairly avid board-gamer and casual MtG player. When I can’t rope people into spending time with me, I watch a lot of cartoons and period crime procedurals, play too much PS4, and listen to Critical Role, MBMBaM, and TAZ!

My most recent LARP experience is with RFR, where I play Vennick at Witchwood (hello to anyone there that didn’t know I was a trans lady!), and prior to that I did a lot of WoD parlor LARPs. I’m also a recent staff addition to a Mage-themed parlor LARP with said WoD group. I use she/her pronouns, but Bertrand (my butler PC for PK) will likely be using he/him; don’t be a jerk, but mixups are bound to happen!

I have a background in HEMA and unarmed martial arts, neither of which really carries over to LARP, but I’m a huge fan of fight practices, so if anyone knows of a space where I could organize one for free/cheap, or is organizing their own (I see you, Eli!), please let me know! I intend on crunching for a lot of non-RFR games this year, so you may see me at your other games!

I love talking games (whether it be to geek out or talk shop) with folks and making new friends, so feel free to drop me a line and say hi!


Hey there! My name is Mike Bertoncini, people generally call me Bert or ‘Cini’. I started LARPing last year at Witchwood. I started out with video games and card games, then I did my first tabletop in 2010. I now run a Changeling game on the WoD engine. I work as a Software code junky for Amica mutual.

I plan on playing Z.E.D. A Spiritualist / music player. Not much more than a look is needed to understand where Zed stands in life right now. Maybe you hear him singing and playing music. If you were to approach him, he would gladly lend you his ear. He would lend you both if you bring up the aether and its workings.