Introducing: Queen Katherine II

We are delighted to announce that the role of Queen Katherine II will be played by Persephone Jade!

The face of the Queen is one that any Kithiran should instantly recognize - you’ve likely seen her portrait in countless buildings and reproduced many, many times (and once we get a good picture of Persephone in her costume, we’ll make sure that’s also the case in the tavern at game).

For those who do not know Persephone, she is an incredible and talented member of the LARPing community, and we are thrilled that she’s decided to come to Port Katherine and make our small island just a little bit more special.

Staff is very excited for the Queen’s arrival at our Winter event, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Brian Misamore
Game Director


Oh hey! Hype!

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Hype hype hype!



Mentioned this on FB, but wanna say it here, too:

I don’t know if I can explain how incredibly powerful it is to have a black woman playing our queen. Even in larps that try to expand out and incorporate many other cultures, the fact of the matter is that larping in NE is a very white hobby and non-white faces are very few. Seeing them in roles of power and influence are fewer still.

But PK not only made this happen, but reached out and specifically asked Persephone to come play this role. I cannot stress how much this means to me - being able to look up at the most powerful woman in our world and seeing hers.

I can think of no one more regal and capable of pulling off royalty as Persephone. So thank you to staff for thinking outside of who was already involved with the game and bringing her into it.