If you "Look Scholarly" or would approach a "Scholarly" looking woman on the ship

…She would introduce herself as Ms. Serendipity Locke, and is almost certainly either reading or writing regardless of whatever task, such as eating she may also be doing. (In fact, she may very well be writing notes in whatever it is she is reading as well.) If you yourself seem to be of the scholastic bent she would likely approach you any moment she thought you were not studying and did not look busy.

She would tell you how she had been looking for a way to make this incredibly boring part of the journey more productive and had been talking to Captain Stanton about the future and the new colony a bit. He doesn’t have much time for idle chatter and mostly everything is uncertain, but she has prepared an organized list of all the larger publics works projects he says they will have the knowledge and capability of reinforcing the colony with, if they can manage to organize the materials and manpower. She’d like to get those so inclined to excogitate on the lists so that this otherwise stagnant time can be put to the good use of discussion.

She can make a handwritten copy of her list in a hour or so if you ask.

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Annaliese looks noble more than scholarly, per-say, but she’s rarely found on the ship without either a book or a notebook and pen in hand. Does that count? :slight_smile:

((Absolutely! Jess isn’t one to have long dialogs in a forum format, I mostly wanted to let people know Seren would be passing out this IC version of the publics works. But I’ll send you a message incase Annaliese would like to chat with Serendipity before we land!))

Edward would also look more noble then scholarly. However if the coversation turns to building the town he will take great interest in the subject matter