I won't have a prep kitchen Fall and Winter 2019 Please Help

Hi Folks,

Despite my best efforts to the contrary, both fall and winter events are going to overlap with my upcoming kitchen renovation… I’d still like to cook for game, but I’ll need the following support for each event:

  1. A kitchen available the weekend before game (Aug 24-25 and Sept 21-22) that can fit 3-5 people doing prep cook work. Preferably hosted by someone willing to help prep cook. Bonus points if you can support item 2.
  2. Someone(s) to carry food up to game in a cooler who has significant fridge and/or freezer space for prepped food. 400 meals is a lot of food and in 4 of 5 past events I have managed to fill about one and a half standard freezers and half of a fridge.

I’m trying to figure this out early so I’m not scrambling closer to the event. Can anyone help me out? As an aside, doing only 3 of the 4 meals for the event was really nice this past Summer, so if anyone wanted to volunteer to cook a meal, I’d be very grateful and willing to offer guidance!

Thanks much,

I have a whole chest freezer I can store stuff in and can transport to site as well.

I can also offer to head up a substitute meal but it would be something very simple, like noodle bowls, casseroles, or meal salads and breads.

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I have a kitchen, but only one fridge. I can make some decent meals, but have no experience with bulk cooking. So let me know if any of that is useful.

Possibly have an oven available, it is convection and can fit at least five people. But it is in NH