How Intimidating Am I Meme

Folks are doing on on FB, but I thought it would be fun to port here to the forum so everyone can play.

On a scale of 1-10, how intimidating are my characters?

Both PCs and NPCs welcome!

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Amarallys has moved from a low zero to a high one with the introduction of Bolton into the mix.

Lily isn’t easily intimidated…

  • The Silberholtz kids average roughly a 3.
  • As I said on the Facebook, Lilywhite has bad taste in wine and associates, 5/10.
  • Misha is a nice boy who only uses his powers for good. 4/10, I could probably kill him given enough time to prep.
  • Auntie is an 8.
  • The changelings are all 11.
  • The Queen is a 9 unless Clarity is standing behind her glaring and then she is a 10.

I think most people are in the 4-6 range for Lily but I’m happy to give you your official number.


I don’t think the twins understand intimidation in the sense that everyone else means it. They don’t really understand the question.

But does anyone find them intimidating?


She’s both proud and also sad. <3

Hmm, Amarallys doesn’t find them intimidating exactly? They’re too enthusiastic in what they do; they’re like big oversized puppies.

Their works or their lab?

That’s, like, a 9 from me.

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Also, for Amarallys, Lily’s about a 6.

She’s competent and dangerous on the field, but Amarallys trusts her to the right thing.

However, if Lily ever yelled at her, she’d probably crumple into a tiny ball and die, so there’s that.

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The twins are a 5 because I don’t trust them to have any sort of moral compass or understand their actions but I do trust Lily’s ability to talk them out of outright murder.


twins are a 0. Petra sees them as kindred spirits

Amarallys is 0, though Petra respects that she was willing to get between her and Monty when she thought Petra was going to murder him. She actually felt a little bad for scaring Amarallys like that.

Lily’s a 5. Petra knows what she’s capable of, and respects her for the work she does.

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Petra is an 8, most definitely. That concerted stalk over to Monty was actually super intimidating.

And it’s funny you mention Amarallys flinging herself between them, because for all that she can throw packets and shoot guns, she wouldn’t have dreamed of doing either so her whole plan was:

Petra was having a really rough night. The news about Drevnia hit her hard and then she got criticaled by bugs during the fight that night.
I also left at the beginning of Monty’s announcement to go fight said bugs, so Petra didn’t have a full grasp on what was going on with him. She saw him walk in with glowing purple hands and then later heard that he was a fugitive and was hiding in the woods.
What I was trying to do was get beside or behind him because I didnt know what his intent was and wanted to be able to knock him out quickly if he started trying to attack people.

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Petra’s a 4. Like, there’s a not-inconceivable scenario where she would be a danger to Lily but she’s not exactly on her list of threatening people.

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On a normal day, Francis would rate Amarallys a 0. When theres a battle raging, she’s a full 6.


And here is where Amarallys just goes open-mouthed yokel with a, “ME?!?”

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