Hiring Research Assistants and Gardeners

Hello Port Katherine! I am looking to hire Two kinds of people:

I Need research assistants to assist in brewing elixirs and making distillations. Will pay in ducats AND product as well. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are willing to help me with my work.

I am also looking for another gardener to help me cultivate a rare mushroom. Would prefer someone also willing to focus on coordinating us, but will manage the schedule myself if necessary. Amateurs welcome as I should only be needing a bit of extra assistance. Pay will depend on if you will being focusing on the schedule or not and will be in ducats or product if anything I have interests you.

UPDATE: I need only an amateur gardener, your focus to coordinate the schedule is not necessary.

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I’ve got some things in the works both for focus and for gardening, but I can move them around to give both 1 gardening and the focus, maybe 2 gardening, but the second is questionable.

Follow up with me if you are desperate.

L. S. Verenberg

PS, could you please add arcane and sealing to the OChRE compendium so I may put info in on them? Thanks.

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I will do so, also thank you, I will keep updating my original posting to reflect my current needs and will reach out if needed.

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Are you still looking for research assistants?

Always! I’ll message you.

Hello Everyone,

I am suddenly and unexpectedly without my regular research assistant and already had plans to make (5) two-component elixirs that I cannot do without the extra assistance. I will pay a little extra for any last minute assistance, up to 15d for help with them all.

As of this season I do not currently need a gardener, I am just amending my previous post to avoid clutter.