Hiring focus to ensure funds get to Drevnia

During my time in Drevnia, the following was abundantly clear to me:

  • The local government has, effectively, fallen apart.
  • Crime syndicates are stepping in. They are providing food for refugees, which in itself is good, but they are using this to gain popularity and solidify their control over the economy and government. The future of Drevnia’s management, at least in the short term, seems to be one of rampant crime and corruption.
  • There are helpful, non-criminal, non-corrupt forces in Drevnia – for example, the Armadillos have turned their attention away from pitball and towards construction and rescue efforts in the Fire District – but these forces are outnumbered.

Given all of this, I am concerned that the funds we raised for the Drevnia Rebuilding Association will get… significantly reduced for “processing fees” or similar, to line the pockets of the local crime syndicates.

If even just one person has spare focus and could accompany the funds to Drevnia to ensure they make their way in their entirety to actual Drevnian restoration projects, this would be very helpful. Jan said he would pay for this security. Please let me or Jan know.

Thank you in advance,

Lt. Amity Harlow


Due to my personal interest in this work (though with the hope that this does not cause our public works to fall into disrepair), I will supplement Jan’s presumed 10d payment with 5d from my own coffers for each person who volunteers, up to a maximum of four people, for a total of 15d each.

Again, thank you for your consideration as Drevnia rebuilds.

Lt. Harlow


As I was already heavily concerned for similar reasons with were the funds I personally managed to raise from our town’s sheer generosity in Winter, I absolutely wouldn’t mind doing so. It would give me the opportunity to make sure both could perhaps get to where they’re really needed most. Please feel free to get in touch with me, Amity.
Adelaide A. Ornelle

(OOG- If I can help I can get in touch through slack or FB!)


Thank you very kindly for your offer to help, Adelaide. I will be in touch with details.


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Count me in as well, Lieutenant.


Thank you kindly, Mr. Willoughby.

Lt. Harlow

I might be able to assist as well, but I need a bit of time to make sure.

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I haven’t made plans yet, wanted t’see what was what; if you think this needs doing, Lieutenant, I’m happy to take care of it.

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