Hiding Things

For… obvious reasons, we’ve received a bunch of questions about how to hide various things you may do in your bgs. Here’s our official answer.

  • If you want to hide a public work construction or maintenance, someone will need to spend a Focus specifically on hiding this. This hiding will be more effective if the person spending this Focus has particular skills at hiding. Take that to mean whatever you wish. This Focus will need to be spent per public work, not just for all public works or a group of them.
  • If you want to hide a specific BGS, you may also spend a Focus hiding it. If instead of physical hiding, you’d rather just have people not look at what you’re doing, there are skills that may deflect attention, such as Political Influence. There are other such skills.
  • If someone is specifically looking for the thing you’re hiding, you may want to augment your Focus or your skills with more Focus or more skills. As with all things, it’s easier to hide something no one knows about than something someone is hunting for. Use your best judgment.



Would the surveyor skill that improves the effect of focus towards building or maintaining a work also serve to improve focus towards hiding it, or no, since the skill doesn’t specify hiding as a thing it helps with?

That Surveyor skill is used for building or maintaining public works, not hiding them.


If someone uses a focus to hide a public work or maintenance, will that focus also serve to coordinate skills like PI being used to also hide the thing, or do you need a second focus to coordinate in the skills?

Yeah, a focus for hiding will also chain all efforts at hiding (but only efforts at hiding - you can’t use it to chain unrelated things).