Help us Make Meals!

Hello Everyone! First off, if you didn’t get a chance to before, please Fill out this Survey about the food served at Spring

Second off, We have wonderful help at the event! Thank you so much to everyone that came in:

Dave H. (Almanzo)
Hannah Swebilius (Celeste)
Rebecca Cerasoli (Grace)
Cecilia Washburn (LillyFerris)
Jacqui Fazzina (Auntie)
Patrick M
Emmie ‘Heather’ (evangelina)
Nat (Primerose)
Conner (Friday)
Sammie Talmadge (Rhett)
Killian H
Jessie (Evy)
Eldrid (matt S)
Demyan (Beth)
Ravil (Spaige)
Clorica (candeliq)
Ebeneezer (Logan)
Remy (Phoebe)
Declan (Silias)

Y’all are my Heros!!! and please reach out to me if there are any concerns for how things went on your end, so we can try to make this great for you too!

Now, Thirdly… I was way over worked at the last event; I never got into my IG head space, and I majorly missed out; I can’t do what I did long term, but good news is that all of the pre-event prep is something I enjoy a lot. I will still pre-plan, Pre-cook, and pre-shop as before.

What I really need, is to not be in the kitchen, or even “on call” as the ultimate authority all event long. We had a great number of hands, but I need some more brains and load-bearing shoulders.

(If I wasn’t prepping a meal, I was in a 2-3 hour “window” of time before my next prepping phrase, and with a short clock constantly hanging over my head I was never really free to be Seren, and inevitably things would come up in the breaks anyway.)

SO! What am I looking for exactly: Two, (Three if I can get them) people to be “In Charge” of:

  1. Lunch
  2. Dinner
  3. Snacks

I will still wake up too early to cook and manage breakfast, and be around in general in case of craziness. Also, “in charge” means that you will be given full written instructions and suggested time-tables on how to serve your meals; all preparation possible will be done ahead of time! Mostly it will just be chopping / thawing / or preparing easy sides like rice.

But ultimately it will be your job to make the meal appear on time.

The person in charge of snacks (If I get one) just needs to occasionally peak in a little while after meals to make sure the drink containers are full enough, that the bread/fruit hasn’t run completely out, and that any dirty serving dishes left over on the tables are put in the dish washing window. (I will also be doing these duties with you the whole event, but in case either of us gets really into a mod or something, it’s best to tag-team it)

I’m looking for 2 (or 3) people familiar with the Kitchen on site, and confident in their ability to independently “figure things out” as minor things come up. But again, we’ll make this super easy on you; likely you’ll just be doing tasks like boiling noodles and heating casseroles. And if you do need me I will only be a walkie-talkie call away in case of difficulties.

Anyone interested in helping out should let me know either by messaging me here, by Email or Gchat at, by phone at 508-868-4548, or on Slack at the food prep channel

Thank you all so much! Please feel free to ask any questions or anything here too!

[edit] This is just a call to volunteer for ONE event, not a long-term commitment. Usually Meal prep is about 1.5-2 hours, and of course you can be rewarded in bonus CP or Ducats!


I will happily claim snacks for summer, and am also very happy to help with full meals in the fall once I’m done with some big stressful stuff next month! Also more than happy to help with organizing kitchen stuff / helping you get everything communicated with folks if you’d like assistance with that as well :heart:


I happily volunteer to be in charge of lunch for summer. It would be my pleasure to lend my skills for this :blush:


I might be able to do dinner in summer though I’d be slightly more confident assisting someone with it this round and taking it in fall. Put me down for “if no one else volunteers”


Jamie, if you want to split snacks, say one of us does game on through lunch and the other does lunch through game off, I’d be willing to do that.

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I’m more comfortable being Kitchen Helper than Kitchen Boss, but if you are short handed for ‘In Charge’ people I can fill in.

If all else fails spaige and I could probably be one responsible person


Yeah that sounds about right.

I’m also fine being kitchen boss if/when needed. Helper if you want, but sometimes having someone to point where to go works.

I can take charge of one meal; I’m better earlier in the day. If you want to message me privately, I can also help out with planning and menu choices that will require much less onsite labor for about the same cost and work beforehand.


I could potentially help with Dinner, though depending on beginning of prep time I may be too busy with my hectic afternoon routine/recovery period