Help us Forge Food!

Hello Everyone!

SO! What am I looking for exactly: Two, (Three if I can get them) “Captains” which are people to be “In Charge” of:

  1. Lunch
  2. Dinner
  3. Snacks

I will still wake up too early to cook and manage breakfast, and be around in general in case of craziness. Also, “in charge” means that you will be given full written instructions and suggested time-tables on how to serve your meals; all preparation possible will be done ahead of time! Mostly it will just be chopping / thawing / or preparing easy sides like rice.

But ultimately it will be your job to make the meal appear on time.

The person in charge of snacks (If I get one) just needs to occasionally peak in a little while after meals to make sure the drink containers are full enough, that the bread/fruit hasn’t run completely out, and that any dirty serving dishes left over on the tables are put in the dish washing window. (I will also be doing these duties with you the whole event, but in case either of us gets really into a mod or something, it’s best to tag-team it)

I’m looking for 2 (or 3) people familiar with the Kitchen on site, and confident in their ability to independently “figure things out” as minor things come up. But again, we’ll make this super easy on you; likely you’ll just be doing tasks like boiling noodles and heating casseroles. And if you do need me I will only be a walkie-talkie call away in case of difficulties. (we should actually have walkie talkies this time!)

We are looking for help with Food safety volunteers! The plan is that, each hour, someone checks on the food. The hardboiled eggs will be in two bowls and swapped from table to fridge once an hour so they never have a chance to sit too long and get too warm. Once an hour, leftovers that can spoil will be packed up and put away. Once, midway through a meal if applicable, the food will be refilled with fresh hot stuff from the kitchen and the lukewarm stuff put away in the fridge before it has a chance to sit too long out. All food will be time-stamped when it’s put out, so whoever is watching food safety at that turn of the hour can just check the cards to see if anything needs to be cycled out. We’ll have full, easy to follow written instructions, and I will be on-hand for questions. Ideally we’ll get a group of people who sign up for a rang of times with overlap so that when the turn of an hour comes up SOMEONE is free and pops into the tavern to check food times and it’s not just me, watching a clock all weekend and pausing play every hour to check the food.

I have an ambitious plan this year to bring my small refrigerator (and a collection of Tupperware) to the tavern and set it up next to the microwave over where the bar traditionally was to make claiming and reheating leftovers for yourselves more self-sufficient. We may just straight up keep the eggs in there if there’s space. We’ll have a big sign on the door letting y’all know.


Anyone interested in helping out should let me know either by messaging me here, by Email or Gchat at, by phone at 508-868-4548, or on Slack at the food prep channel

Thank you all so much! Please feel free to ask any questions or anything here too!

[edit] This is just a call to volunteer for ONE event, not a long-term commitment. Usually Meal prep is about 1.5-2 hours, and of course you can be rewarded in bonus CP or Ducats!


Here’s an outline of what I’m scheduling in my Brain

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I’m happy to volunteer as snack captain, or if someone has strong feelings an out doing it, I’ll volunteer to assist with Saturday morning breakfast prep, not as the captain though. I can make pancakes but not manage a meal.

I can’t help cook at camp, but I’m planning on helping with dishes during, and if there’s anything I can do pre-game to help, please let me know! I’m happy to do cooking or baking, and we have a giant freezer if there’s bulk stuff that needs stored.

As a note, it ended up taking almost 50 hours of man power at the event to serve and clean up after, the food to y’all last event! (Not including the 12-20 or so hours of pre-event planning, prep, and shopping!)

Ren Harrington,
Declan Scannell,
Jamie Wetzel,
Nat Hone,
Nancy McCarthy,
Connor McCarthy,
Waya Vail,
Kay Labella,
Heather Welsh,
Beth Reisine,
Brendan Turcotte,
Dave Harvill,
Jordan Gibson,
Steve Grabowski,
Jacqui Fazzina,
Cecilia Washburn,
Dylan Calvo,
Aaron Frary,
Quentin Cantor,
Sammie Talmadge,
Ashleigh Howland

Honorable mentions to Brendan Turcotte, Beth Reisine, and Sammie Talmadge for each putting more than 4 hours in!

Beth and Brendan are my Stalwart and dependable Breakfast crew which is HUGE since it means being up and cooking at 7am no matter what! :exploding_head:

Sammie was our Glorious Lunch & Desserts Captain Feeding Y’all midday while I actually played a little for once! But that’s not all he did as he continuously checked back in and kept things running smoothly throughout Saturday! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And last but not least, also a special thankyou to Stephanie and Jordan who were the Dinner Captains making sure we all got to eat our super fashionable cheesy noodle casserole Saturday evening! :star_struck:


I used to be ServeSafe certified (that was years ago) and while I do not know the on-site kitchen, I will be happy to provide my services to help with the food and cleaning. I’m not picky where I am sent and what my duties are.

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I can help with serving or clean up at event, just tell me when.

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An Update as 09/21/22:

Pre event food prep:
Jamie Alice, AKA Damien: Mashed potatoes!
George Spier, AKA Gideon: Pre-Cooking Day Friday the 16th!
Dan Rust, AKA Lars: Pre-Cooking Day Monday the 19th!

Breakfast Captain: Jessica Osio, AKA Serendipity
Lunch Captain: Andrew Wood, AKA Kelso
Dinner Captain: Dan Rust, AKA Lars
Snacks Captain: Logan Johnson, AKA Ebenezer

At Event Food Staff:
Elizabeth Reisine, AKA Demyan: Breakfast Cook
Brendan Turcotte, AKA Edric: Breakfast Cook

David Harvill, AKA Almanzo: Breakfast Clean-up
Eli Stickgold, AKA Lillywhite: Lunch Clean up
Sam, AKA Snezhana “Zhany” Brumin: Dinner Clean up

(And also they get free drinks from the bar)


Do y’all still need help? I would like to join in to assist where it’s needed!


Hi everyone! Sammie has helped me to write up a basic Food Safety Protocol. I plan to print it out and post it in the kitchen, in the tavern, and outside where people eat, but I want to post it here for food humans to review before game. Thanks again everyone for helping out!


I think that the safety practice sheet is a wonderful idea and I’m glad someone put it together, the only thing that I would comment on is that according to Servesafe certification rules hot food can be held without temperature control for up to 4 hours as long as it is served or thrown out within the 4 hour block. Otherwise the food can be rotated out for fresh portions and the returned to either warming bins or refrigeration.

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