Help get Clarity Soames as our town governor

I will be petitioning on the town’s behalf to have Clarity become our civilian representative. How can you help? Simple, express your desire to have her lead so that I can come to parliament with all your voices behind me.

Please let me know if you are helping in this cause and how much effort (PI) you are using! Thank you all so much for your time.



I can commit some effort to the cause (1 PI)

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I can throw a little sway (1 PI) behind that too

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My voice (1 PI) will also join this cause.

(for those new to PI, how do we state this in BGS?)

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((probably something like this:
Title: “Political Influence: Clarity Soames for Governor”

Contents: “I spend my 1 point of political influence working under Vaast’s coordination to help his efforts to get Clarity Soames selected as Governor of Port Katherine”

Also, for anyone working on this project, feel free to use my wording for your submission.))


I would love to lend a hand or two! (2 PI, or less if you’d prefer.)

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Careful not to put too much PI into this, of course, or you’ll get her elected Head of Parliament or something…


For those of us who don’t really know Clarity, can you share a bit about why she’d be a good choice and what we can expect from her as Governor?

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I only have the tiniest bit of clout, but I’ll gladly apply it towards getting Clarity appointed.

(I have 1 PI I’ll be putting toward this)

Name it “Political Influence: Topic”. Don’t include the amount used in the title, but please do include it in the body.

I see that we currently have 8 PI including my contribution!

Since I do not believe I have seen anyone else answer your question I thought I would. I apologize that it does not come with much time to spare.

Clarity Soames is a good friend and host to all of the socialites in town and has given several of them lessons on how to better use their influence. She also is the one who has run the town council election for us. She has the training and skill to perform the job of governor while also being of good standing and someone parliament should not be personally opposed to having appointed. If you do know Clarity, you may know her husband Radumil who has been a teacher to the surgeons of Port Katherine.

But aside from that, she is the only known candidate that actually lives in Port Katherine. She knows of us and our struggles and actually is friends with a good portion of the town. I know there are some members of the town that for some reason are against socialites and those with any noble rank from having government positions for some reason. And to those I would say would you rather have someone who is at least reasonably aware of what is going on in Port Katherine and all the struggles we have faced, that has a vested interest in seeing us succeed, who has their permanent residence on the island, and friendships or other connections to those living here or someone that likely none of us have ever met, who can easily retreat back to their home if things go wrong, is unaware of the unusual problems that Port Katherine faces that know other part of Kithira does, and may have preexisting views of the island influenced by early reports of all of us being rabble and a drain on the empire’s coffers?

I will also be contributing two of my influence. Let me know if you would wish me to contribute less. I apologize that much of the rest of mine is currently tied up.


Clarity Soames is a rude hack of a gentleperson who has been known to assault those invited to tea (both verbally and physically), consort with the New Dawn, and run good citizens right off of the colony for not keeping up with her definitions of fashion. She should sooner be arrested than made governor.


Is there any basis to the accusation she has consorted with the New Dawn?

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I can say that I personally have every confidence in the Countess’ strength of character and honor. Her values are not in line with those of the terrorist New Dawn and she has shown herself to be more than simply a noble who will care only for those similar to herself. Countess Clarity is an intelligent woman who will wield her influence on behalf of Port Katherine and never simply at a whim.

I suggest that you be wary of listening to the opinions of the dissolute member of the House of Lords, as he has been known to slander her at will.