Healing Winds Medical Insurance

Healing Winds Insurance Options

Basic Care
You will be Tended or Receive lifesaving surgery by a Surgeon as often as you need (As time allows of course). Great for non-combat oriented individuals who just want to be kept walking and breathing.
---------------2 Ducats per Season-----------------

Advanced Care
In addition to the above listed benefit, you will be entitled to 8 sword blows worth of bandaging per day. Due to the nature of regaining Quintessence overnight, unused bandaging does not carry over day to day. We can currently offer a maximum of 6 of these plans per Season.
--------------6 Ducats per Season------------------

Medic in Tow
For the Fighter worried about going broke defending the settlement.
You may give the Grey Gale permission to loot your defeated foes while you continue the fight. At the end we will provide you with medical treatment for your wounds and assess an agreeable percent of the loot. This ensures that you always leave a combat with some amount of the spoils and in good medical health. This option is only available pending the availability of an appropriately equipped healer.
-----------30-60% depending on severity of wounds and quality of loot-----------


How many Medics accept this insurance? Is there a pin or an armband we can wear to alert to others that we have a preference of surgeons? I assume there is no coverage if you are tended by some random field medic?

I believe based off the final pricing this is an insurance policy being offered by the Grey Gales and not medics in general.

That would mean that if Volt expends himself you’ve paid for nothing…

Sounds like the perfect time for me to pass the Port Katherine Bar Exam!

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The coverage is offered by Gray Gale meaning you will be serviced by either Volt or Cleary.

We will be issuing identifying markers to all patients, as well as medical cards to track the amount of bandaging used.

The only case under which Gray Gale will outsource and reimburse tending or surgery is if too many of our patients become injured at a time to safely care for them.

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I assure you there is a specific reason we are only accepting 6 patients for advanced care, as 48 sword blows worth of healing is well within my ability to provide per day. As I become more and more skilled as a doctor I will offer more memberships at a potentially more efficient price point. However this is what I calculate that I can easily handle per season currently, at a rate that comes out under 3 pennies per sword blow.

Thank you for your concern citizen!

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This is correct. Other Medics will still offer their own prices.

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