Haunted Book

I currently have a haunted book in my possession. The library would like it back, but I would like to help the spirit inhabiting it first, if possible. I remember someone had already spoken to the spirit and wished to help further, but I don’t remember who it was. If that person was you, please contact me.

I believe Auntie spoke with it before. I would be more than happy to help it, as it sounded very interesting.

Oh yes, that was me.

This seems like the sort of thing that requires a focus. Would one of you be willing to spend your focus on it? If so, I’ll make sure you have access to the book.

I would.

My focus is still being used in other dragonfly-related business.

I will leave it to you, then, Ursula. I hope you’re able to help the ghost complete their read.

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Any relationship to what happened with the previous librarian…and the Living Flame?

The what now?