Gross Mod PSA

Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood gross plot staff here! Just wanted to put out a small PSA concerning gross plot as we move forward into what I think will be another fun filled year.

I want to make the following known/clear:

Anyone is welcome to participate in Gross Plot who wants to, be that as an observer or as an active participant. In fact I encourage it, the more the merrier! The only constraint being space of whatever area the mod is taking place in.

Additionally, absolutely no one should feel bad if they also need to leave the scene for ANY reason. The scenes I write and design are meant to be a bit emotionally rough, messy and downright gross (hence gross plot). I, nor anyone else, should or will fault anyone for knowing there limits.

Some scenes may be “time sensitive”, but myself, any other staff member who may be running the scene/involved, or another PC can tag into a surgery as needed.

In general if you see me dressed as a doctor you can safely guess that a Gross Mod is going to take place, but in general regardless of who I am playing at that time or if any other staff member is running a Gross Mod we will do our level best to telegraph this and give trigger/content warning before the mod begins in full.

Those interested in Gross Plot are also reminded that these mods are MESSY, use lots of fake blood as well as a lot of other goo. Please bear that in mind when entering a Gross Mod. These mods also contain real surgical equipment such as scalpels, bone saws, and various other medical tools. When handling these things please use caution (there has not been any issues so far, lets keep it that way :slight_smile: ).

I’m always happy to field any questions folks may have regarding these plots (so long as your not asking for spoilers :wink: ), so please feel free to reach out if needed.

Now then! We’ve got lots more in store for you all, so lets have a messy good time!


Question that has been asked: is there much to do in most gross plot if you’re not a surgeon, or is it mostly spectating?

General gross plot mods tend to be simple surgeries, so usually one surgeon to one patient is my rule of thumb. However! I have had surgeons switch off and take turns when possible, such as removing barnacles one at a time. Spectators can always participate by watching or offering comfort to the patient! People have held the hands of patients before, or even helped hold them down as needed (be sure to ask for consent to touch first though!).

There will hopefully be some “larger” gross mods in the future that’ll allow for even more participation, but as long as there’s room wherever things are going down then I have no major issues with people being there.

That said there may be the occasional scene that is “private” if its personal plot, or depending on the scene/NPC; but generally as long as folks are respectful to the scene it’s all good. Basically watching is fine, but please act as you would if someone was with a doctor or having surgery for real.