Greater Port Katherine Expedition #2

Mostly because this will be easier to organize from an out of game perspective as opposed to last time, this is being done as such.

So, this expedition is definitely happening this time. We are searching around and beyond the reaches of Port Katherine to greater understand the island and what it contains. Maps will be made, and research fulfilled if possible. In addition to this, we have also been asked to search for missing people for the Gustavs, so there will be some level of financing available.

Current members:
Tashif Alizé, I can also use my research to make these maps (probably?)
Hobbes - Hunter
Waxillium - Surgeon

Needed Members: I have spoken to some of this, and have gotten possible yeses, but not confirmations.

Possible Members:
Scholar: This could be great for writing your research papers.

Others are welcome to throw their hat in as well.


I (Hobbes) will be using the hunter skill “Tracking” to assist our efforts in finding the (assumed) dead Gustav exploration party. I’ll also be spending my focus on “Guiding the Expedition to find the missing Gustav explorers”

does this sound appropriate?

Sounds good to me!

Somewhat belated as I’ve been incommunicado, but I am happy to accompany you and provide my spiritual insight, Tashif.

Excellent, and thank you. I am thrilled to have you.

Do you understand what you need to put for your focus?

I intended to say I planned to accompany Tashif Alize on their expedition, do I need more detail?

Not particularly, maybe adding something about lending spiritualist skills when required might be good, but staff should get that?