Fox Food Fund

Heyo, neighbors.

Ah’m plannin a wee bit ay a voyage soon, which is likely tae take me away from town ower the summer. While Ah’m gaun, Ah’d like tae make sure oor local vulpine associate peyin us visits is well fed and cared for whilst enjoyin the liberty tae which they’ve become accustomed. There are some wild things it’s guid tae huv around, ken?

Tae that end, Ah’ve goat ten squids fae anyone whae’ll gie me their word oor foxy friend gits a plate from the tavern left oot mealtimes, and whae’ll keep an eye on yon bonny bushy-tailed beastie. Jist check in once in a while, likesay, make sure they’re no hurt or bothered or burdened wi excessive ticks, that sortae thing.

If it’s a thing ye can manage, please let me ken if ye wannae make ten ducats as Acting Fox Warden, and I’ll gie ye the money upon mah return come Fall.

Cheers and Thanks,

Rab Amira
(In the wee cabin near the top ay the hill with the greetin bairn noises comin fae it)

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And risk the well being of my nascent pitball teams mascot? Perish the though, Mr. Amira!

Consider it done. We’ll make certain our new friend survives another season for you to dote on them once more.

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Ah’d hope fir sure there’s nane among us whae’d dae such a thing, bit ye ken whit they say aboot money talkin and bullshite walkin. Ah figure a bit ay cash tae help maintain folk’s kinder tendencies is ne’er a bad investment, eh?

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Thank ye, Damienne. Ah’d huv asked ye direct-like bit Ah ken yiv goat a fair bit gaun on already wi the sewer project and the like. Ah’ll add a tenner tae yir pay.

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It would be my sincerest pleasure, Mr. Amira.