Forming a militia

Hi everyone.
As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been in the settlement for more than 10 minutes, it’s dangerous here in Port Katherine. As such, I feel that we should form a town militia. I will be running for town council during the summer, and If elected, one of my top priorities will be to arrange pay for those who agree to serve as a part of this militia. You wouldn’t be enlisting in the greater Kithran Navy, just agreeing to serve as part of our local defense.
If you’re interested in joining up, please contact me when convenient, so I have an idea of how many people are interested before any negotiations on pay would begin. You can respond publicly here or contact me privately. ((OOG: FB message, forum PM, or at

Thank you,
Petty Officer Jules Alabaster

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What would joining the militia include? Would it just be musters or would patrols be included?

I think that initially it will be a muster, likely right after military muster, as well as organizing when we expect combat to come to town and then an expansion of duties based on what the town council is willing to pay us for.

I would, unsurprisingly, be interested.

I will be missing the Summer festival but will be back in the Fall!

Petty Officer Amity Harlow

Wait, Amity, you’re interested? I’m so surprised. Who would have thought?


If it’s just getting paid for the fighting for my life I’d be doing anyhow, why, that sounds grand!

I have this sneaky suspicion it’s not so much the fighting we’d be paid for so much as a pack of bullshit that comes along with, though, like getting bossed about and being subject to the decisions of small minds. And getting up early and standing in straight lines, which I will say, does not actually make one much deadlier or even at all intimidating to the local pirate crews, as Bolton’s crew took care to point out a few days ago.

So if this militia respects my time enough to pay me well and use the time it takes from me for proper purposes like, oh, squad tactics drills instead of idiots at parade rest, sure, I’ll consider it.

If not, then I’m a busy sort and I’ll spend my time on other things, please and thanks to ye.



I would love to have the funds to pay people to actually practice squad tactics and such. I can’t guarantee anything until we have a town council and such.

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Pending review of a final contract, I am interested.

Obviously, the final decision will come down to factors such as:
**What, exactly, is expected of us
**How much we’re being paid
**Duration of the contract
**Ease of, let’s say, “retirement” from the militia

And much of that can’t be decided until negations happen. But an ORGANIZED force to defend the town sounds very appealing.

I am certainly interested in forming some sort of mechanism to provide remuneration for those people expending effort to defend the town, as it seems clear the military alone will not be sufficient. However, since it has seemed to require the majority of town to succeed in several of our engagements, I feel we should be cautious to ensure that the creation of a militia does not encourage those who do not join it to simply sit out such conflicts.

Still, I would be interested in hearing the details, and would strongly consider signing up to a reasonable plan.

Frederick, Comptess Northmarsh

Could we consider a sort of tit-for-tat agreement with the Surgeons? You fight on the town’s behalf and expect your tending during the battle to be free for you?

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I’ll offer here the same opinion I gave to our General Commander and the semi-advocate for the Surgeons on the second of Dawning.

If you are on the field, or in the surgery tent, or carrying people back and forth, you are not the people who should be paying for the defense of the town. Charging the surgeons for protection by the fighters so that the fighters have the coin to pay the surgeons for sewing them up leaves everyone drained and just as rich or poor as they started.

Charge those who don’t fight, charge the farmers, locals, tourists, and by every god charge the Gustavs. Those whose safety and prosperity are based on our efforts should be paying us, rather than us paying each other for the privilege of staying alive.


I believe there is intent to at some point build a customs house so as to be able to levy a tarrif on the auction and other important, however I’ll leave the details of fundraising up to whomever is elected to the town council. I will say at the very least I believe that the customs house is a very useful building for us to construct.

I am very much in agreement with the sentiment that battlefield healing shouldn’t cost those doing the fighting/support for defending our lives. If someone chooses to leave the battle early and needs healing, then they should probably be charged, as I was when I retreated during the first Pirate attack.

Mr. Lilywhite raises an interesting point. It does seem as though the gentlemant at Gustav etc. are presuming our protection. Who is involved currently in discussing with them for recompense?

I cannot speak on the Gustav’s behalf but as i plan on starting a trade deal with him to allow the purchase of large quantaties of wood for the towns growth I feel a militia would suit the town nicely. I am not a fighter myself I handle contracts and managing funds. If you woould like i can create a charter for the militia that hopefully will allow its growth and promote others to joining it.

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Edward, I will reach out to you to help develop a charter for the militia.

As I suspect I am not the only one with this feeling, I will put in my two pence now: if I had intended to join the Navy, I would have done so, and while I am in favor of those who fight in defense of the town seeing some recompense, I think there might be some…shall we say avoidable friction if the helpful Navy officers attempt to form the rest of us up on the assumption that we all like standing in lines and taking orders. May I suggest that perhaps someone who is actually a likely militia member take that first stab at drafting such a document? And lest anyone take that for a volunteer, may I further suggest that it not be me?


Not sure how much help I’ll be with the politicking so everyone feels they’re getting a square deal, but I know a thing or two about getting folks to organize for a good fight and I’m happy to help get us non- military folks on board.

You have my utmost trust and appreciation, Lily, I think you would be an excellent person to broach this topic with the town council.

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Lilywhite I don’t assume you’d like standing in lines and following specific orders. That’s why I didn’t suggest everyone join the Navy. Joining up isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I respect that.

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