For Sale: My skills in Research, Experimentation, and Coordination (and maybe even RA!)

you find a hastily scribbled note on the message board

I find myself in need of coin to cover debts (current and future) and as such, I am offering my scholarly services upon my return from Tojima. I need something to take my mind off of…things…anyways, so using my skills for someone else or the betterment of Port Katherine for a change may be just what I need.

I can offer:
My skills in Coordination
18 hours of Research
6 hours of Experimentation
6 hours of Research Assistant
(OOC note: Brian has said that he is ok allowing Research Assistant to be used to grant uses of another skill to a character that might otherwise not have a BGS cycle. We might just want to double confirm this if anyone is interested).

Due to the wartime circumstances we find ourselves in, I will likely be charging more for these services than would otherwise be expected, to be determined by me based on what is being requested. I do hope you understand.

Please post with inquiries, or send me mail privately.

~ Emile

(OOG note: I was not registered to attend Spring, therefore I have a full Summer BGS cycle)


Julien, you know I’m always willing to pay for experimentation. But I also know you are not fond of the ways I would ask you to utilize your talents.

While we are not in agreement as to how engineers choose to perform their work. I would argue, that new inventions, can both benefit the prosperity of Port Katherine, and help in the war effort.

If you ever decide that you are at least tolerant of my work, know that I have coin and am willing to pay for your services.

Also, while I would ask you to use your research, experiment, and research assistant to aid in engineering pursuits, I may know some people who would have other uses for your services. I will be sure to let them know what you’re offering and contact you if interested.

  • Countess Julian