Follow Up Question on Influence Spending

While it was clarified that when spreading PI across multiple actions it should be put into different entries. Should we do the same with PI used to disguise other PI uses?

For example:
PI - Slandering Jane Doe
I spend 1 point of PI spreading vicious rumors about Jane Doe. I spend an additional 2 PI so it can’t be traced back to me.


PI - Slandering Jane Doe.
I spend 1 point of PI slandering Jane Doe.
PI - Disguising Actions against Jane Doe.
I spend 2 points of PI to prevent the slander against Jane Doe from being traced back to me.

Since both are techincally part of the same action, would you prefer they be put into the same entry? Or broken up?


Well someone has some sinister plans in mind :wink:


Jane Doe is awful and the world deserves to know. :stuck_out_tongue: