Foam balls for cannon

Hey folks, it seems we don’t have a supply of the foam balls to use for firing the cannon. Does anyone have a link to where we could buy some? I’ll place an order or something.

They are a product of engineering, so they’re provided by staff once we have built mechanical cannonballs. I had one or two shots in my bag but was unconscious or fighting elsewhere when people were asking for them, and then by the time I was up (and then fireballed and tended again), the queen was retreating, so it didn’t make sense to use the cannon.

Sorry, the ones I wear are from a castle cannon, not a naval cannon.

I thought the metal balls were provided by staff, and we had to provide the foam balls because they’re the same physrep as artificers use for improvised explosives?

I’ll let staff clarify this, but the cannonballs Sebastian handed me a year ago were foam balls, not metal balls, so my understanding was that was the only physrep needed for cannonballs.

Per Brian in navy chat, the physrep for a cannonball is a metal ball, and we need to provide the foam balls.

Hopefully a staffer gets a free second to verify that. :slight_smile: But maybe best if they hibernate for as long as they deem appropriate. :stuck_out_tongue:

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