Fire Marshals

It’s recently come up that we need to properly define the role of a fire marshal. Whenever there is a campfire burning at any location on site, including the upper stone fit pit, a fire marshal must be present at all times.

The Fire Marshal will be a player appointed by staff (there may be multiple at any one time) who will have the following responsibilities:

  • To ensure that the fire is built and maintained in a safe manner
  • To inform players within the immediate area that combat is not allowed near the fire
  • To monitor the situation and call “Caution” whenever appropriate, to move combat away from the fire. Once the combat has moved away, the fire marshal shall count down and call “game on.”
    • Note: anyone is authorized to make these calls if they see combat breaking out near the fire circle; the Fire Marshal is tasked with active monitoring
  • To ensure that the fire is put out before it is abandoned

Players wishing to have a fire should first ensure they have a Fire Marshal in order to build it - the Fire Marshal player(s) are not required to do this against their will, nor are they required to be the ones to construct the fire. Players wishing to hang out by the fire should listen and obey the Fire Marshal in matters pertaining to fire safety.

The Fire Marshal is not authorized to overrule calls or other game mechanics. They may not overrule staff members at the scene. The Game Director, Associate Game Director, or one of the combat leads may appoint a staffer to relieve the Fire Marshal of their duties to maintain monitoring of the fire (for example, if the player needs to go to a plot or a combat). The Fire Marshal may hand over their duties to another authorized player Fire Marshal at any time, though there must be a Fire Marshal at all times while a fire is burning.

If a player Fire Marshal is the subject of an attack, they should call “Ward, Fire Marshal.”

At the time of this announcement, the authorized player Fire Marshals are:

  • David Rubenstein

If you are interested in becoming a player Fire Marshal, please speak with Brian Misamore, as Game Director, or Mike Fazzina, as RFR Board Safety Director. Both must approve all new Fire Marshals.


Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine