Fire Festival

In Kithiran society, if Spring is community, Summer is raw individuality, It is a time of competition, and showing off. Tournaments and challenges are not uncommon, and disputes are settled by the blade or the pistol. Once the sun goes down, large bonfires are lit, with people singing, feasting, and drinking around them. Often, performances of fire dancing will accompany the singing as people revel in unbridled emotion.
As a consequence, the Fire Festival is not nearly as regimented as the Dawning. Players are encouraged compete amongst themselves. Additionally, starting around sundown, there will be a bonfire in the fire pit on the top of the hill. While people are around that fire and singing/socializing heavily, it counts as a mealtime for cooks, who can prepare and serve (mechanical) food.

On that note: if anyone wants to tend/marshal the fire while it is happening, staff would be very appreciative. Talk to Ducky if you are interested.


Is there any oog cooking equipment by the firepit? If there is, I have some stuff I could bring to cook.

There is not, unfortunately. I also suspect the big fire may be too hot to cook on.