Fighters's Guild

Greetings neighbors,

I, with the help of others, have started the framework for a Fighters’s Guild.

This Guild would not be limited to just those of the Skirmishers and/or Soldiers professions, but is open to any who wish to derive a livelihood from there sword.

This is a call to any interested in joining such a Guild to reach out to myself, or either Bertrand or Tashif, with questions or suggestions.

While I have been working on this for sometime, it is easy to focus on one’s own goals and concerns, and the goals and concerns of those immediately around them, instead of those of the larger community.

So, I want feedback from the larger community, so that this Guild can represent the whole of the Fighters’s community: is this something the fighters of Pretty Katherine are interested in?

Guild Charter

Port Katherine Fighters’s Guild Charter, Last Updated on the 5th of Late Winter, 1718


To facilitate within the community of Port Katherine the existence of an organized and reliable private-defense service.

To provide gainful, honorable employment to those Port citizens of a martial bent, with known risks and suitable rewards to be administered in a consistent manner.

To provide protection of otherwise-ignored interests, political and personal, via comradery-in-arms


New and returning lapsed members are to be accepted upon payment of a 2d fee, in addition to any previously missed fees, to cover administrative costs and represent a material commitment to solidarity with other guild members. Such fee can be waived at the discretion of the presiding Guildmistress, or a personally-appointed representative.

Existing members wishing to participate in guild activities are expected to pay into a guild-interests fund at the rate of 2d per season, to be rendered before midday of the first day of the late season (Read: By the end of a weekend event)

Members who fail to submit payment of dues shall, except in such extenuating circumstances as decided on a case-by-case basis by the presiding Guildmistress, be considered no longer interested in guild activities, and summarily struck from the Guild register, until such time as they wish to rejoin.

Members are encouraged, but by no means required, to provide mutual support to their fellow members, in order to accomplish commonly-held objectives and goals


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead the Guild’s activities honorably and equitably, as a proper citizen of the Queendom.
  • Field all complaints, internal and external, in the event that the involved guild members cannot come to an acceptable arrangement on their own.
  • Collect Guild administrative and seasonal fees.
  • Protect and Represent the collected interests of the Guild Membership

Rights and Powers:

  • Exemption from Seasonal Dues
  • In her official capacity, speaks for the Guild Membership and their collected interests
  • Decide when and how to Invest Guild funds into new and existing works of public importance that will benefit the Guild Membership and their martial interests
  • Determine when a fee may be waived, on a case-by-case basis
  • May appoint a single representative to handle administrative duties in her stead

Method of Selection

  • During the New Year Celebration, assembled members, in good standing for at least 2 consecutive seasons, may nominate any active member for the position of Guildmistress. After all nominations have been collected, a secret ranked-choice ballot vote is conducted, and a simple majority wins.

Guildmistress Override Referendum

  • A two-thirds majority of active members, in good standing for at least 2 consecutive seasons, can call for a new election at any other time, for any reason, at which point a special election is held, otherwise following the typical election procedure, as regards nominations and voting
  • A Guildmistress elected via a special election cannot be subject to a referendum for one full season immediately following the vote
Job Protocol and Procedure

Jobs are submitted by the client to the Guild Office, verbally or otherwise

  • Information beyond pricing criteria is not required, but may lead to more qualified applicants
  • Job Type, Expected Degree of Hazards, and any applicable Reservation Fees are negotiated at this time
  • Assembled members may accept negotiated jobs
  • Clients may request or refuse a particular skillset or member
  • Post-Negotiation Refusals are a sign of bad faith, and will be investigated accordingly
  • All payment is rendered up-front to the accepting member(s) at time of acceptance
  • There is no other Guild authority that is to collect fees
Rates, Duties, and Expectations

General Work

Understood as

  • Personal-interest ventures and scenarios where the sake and general wellbeing of Port Katherine as a whole is not explicitly at stake, nor that which falls under the purview of Militia or Naval activities
  • Any walk, trek, or other venture through Port Katherine’s native wilderness that is not expressly for the purpose of component collection, as detailed below
  • Security details for personal events and meetings
  • Any other, as-yet-undefined, job not detailed below

Degree of Expected Hazards to Personal Safety, as agreed upon in advance by both parties

  • Low: 3d
  • Medium: 5d
  • High: 7d

Skills Reserved for Expenditure on Assignment:

1d for every Quintessence (CP) thus reserved

  • Batch Rates for a Blanket-Reservation of all currently-available skills to be used without hesitation are available at 80% cost of remaining unspent skills at time of job acceptance, adjusted price raised to the nearest Ducat
  • 25% Discount off final price if hiring at least 4 members for a single job; adjusted price raised to the nearest Ducat

Component Walk Security
All Prices Listed Include Hazard Fees;
Skill usage during a Walk is solely at Guard’s discretion

Understood as

  • Any walk, trek, or other venture through Port Katherine’s native wilderness in search of components of an interest to those who would refine and combine them, regardless of scientific field of interest
  • All Clients are understood to have the shared responsibility of retrieving the bodily person of a hired guard in critical condition, as feasible in a given situation, and will be held accountable for any damages incurred on the part of an utterly-abandoned guard

Rear Guard: 2d

  • Duties include a sole responsibility for delaying, but not defeating, all threats until the whole party has fled
  • Expectations include component gatherers are to immediately flee from all dangers encountered

Personal Guard: 5d

  • Duties include a shared responsibility to fight alongside component gatherers against minor threats; a sole responsibility to act as rear guard in the event of retreat
  • Expectations include component gatherers are to retreat from an engagement at the discretion and orders of the assigned guard, or a simple majority of conscious guards in the event of multiple Guild Members being hired

Vanguard: 12d

  • Duties include a sole responsibility to defeat all enemies, regardless of danger posed
  • Expectations include assistance in combat at discretion of component gatherers; command of combat matters be ceded to the assigned guard, or a simple majority of conscious guards in the event of multiple Guild Members being hired

33% Discount off final price if hiring at least 3 members for a single Walk; adjusted price raised to the nearest Ducat

Premium Personal Bodyguard Services
All Contracts Include

  • Waiver of Hazard Fees and all Skill Usage Fees
  • Personal Ventures and Component Walks at no extra charge
  • Designated rest period from the second to the ninth hours of every day (Read: Soft Stop)
  • Understood as the assigned guard will protect the client’s life and limb to the absolute best of their ability for the duration of the contract
  • Such protection shall be exercised at the expense of the Guard’s own free time, and shall not be abbreviated for any reason, including professional development and practice of new skills

Daily Rates

  • Half rates: 15d (Read: Friday or Sunday)
  • Whole rates: 35d (Read: Saturday)
  • Purchase of one-and-one-half days of protection includes an immediate complimentary half-day of service (Read: Weekend-Long: 50d)
  • Hourly Rate for Noteworthy Events: 7d/hr; There are no discounts for partial hours

Examples of applicable events: (list is not exhaustive)
Fire Festival
Travelling Carnival
Pitball Games

Preferential Pricing at Guild’s discretion or upon creation of clearly-defined mutual-benefit contract

Lower rates for members of medical or engineering fields in exchange for lower rates on equipment maintenance and medical fees of Fighters’ Guild Members

Agreed Upon and so Undersigned:

[Signatory’s name here]


I am curious what sort of political interests you believe are appropriately resolved by the services of the Fighter’s Guild.



As of right now, I do not see much political need. But, as you may notice is a tendency of mine, I am thinking of the future.

With all the other major professions unionising in guilds (the engineers’ guild, the healers’ guild, the research consortium), I thought it pertinent to have such a structure in place for the fighters.

But, that is also part of why I am reaching out - are there issues important to the other fighters of our fair settlement?

Or is everyone happy with all as is?