Fashionable Items for Sale- Summer 1722

Good evening,

For this season, I have a variety of fashionable items for sale. As you may know, this season there are 5 fashionable trends. Several of the items incorporate all of them, all have at least two. I will absolutely have a random assortment of the below free for sale at the festival, but if you have a specific item you want or something with a change to what is pictured, please let me know as soon as possible.

You will notice that I have incorporated the colors of the Kithiran flag into many items so that Anne’s white rose may stand together with our patriotism and determination to win this war.

Please note that any item can be customized with additional ribbon or a charm for 5 pence per addition. The charm options are pictured below.

The Offerings This Season

The white rose above is our budget option this festival, representing the white flower, zlotan cotton, mourning and noodles. Note that the rose is quite large, about that of a large toddler’s fist. The stem is flexible and can be bent or cut off however you wish. Additional roses may be added to make a larger bouquet at 1.5d per rose. White, blue, yellow and black are available.

Next we have our noodle focused collection for the season. The mourning noodle is available as either a memorial ribbon with a white rose on it (3d) or an armband (3d). Noodle styles are all black, all tan or alternating black and tan. If you wish to add a rose to your armband, it will be 5 pence. You may also add additional roses to the memorial ribbon or change the color of your rose to blue, yellow or black.

A Sample of how the armband looks on an arm.

The bouquets are perhaps our most versatile options this season! The wire used is quite flexible and you can put in your hair, through your buttonhole, attach it to a bag or whatever strikes your fancy. (Note that the 3 tiered bouquet has a little bit less length left to the wire, which may reduce your flexibility).

2 tier bouquets are 3d, 3 tier bouquets are 4d. The standard colorways are Kithiran Flag (honoring Anne and Kithira) or Black & White (honoring Anne and Katherine’s mourning). Changes to the standard colorways can be requested. The 2 tier bouquets will have either noodles or mourning ribbons, you may add the other ribbon color for 1d.

Here is an example of the noodle effect of the golden ribbon

Finally we come to the cockade and bow style options for the season! The simple cockade is 3d, representing mourning, the white flower and noodles. The bow is 5d and manages all 5 fashions with elegance and taste. The color/metal of the K and the guns may be changed at no cost.

The large cockade is a truly spectacular and unique item and takes an excess of time to make. Thus, it is 10d and you must tell me no later than the 4th bell tomorrow that you would like to order it. The noodle ribbon resists being worked with in that fashion and though the effect is spectacular, it is quite tiresome.

Thank you for viewing all of the options we have for the season! You may reach out to me below or via message. I will have an assortment available at the festival as well should you not have the moment to decide now.


Countess Rukiye Maryam no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira

[OOG Note: If you would prefer to pay for these in dollars before game, let me know. This is a fun thing and I want anyone who is interested in having one to be able to have one even if ducats are running low. Generally I’m gonna say 1d=$2 here except in the case of that large cockade, which I’d have to think about]


Put me down for a pair of roses, if at all possible. I’ll be able to get them from you once I’m back from some business.

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Those are quite beautiful. I would love to get a pair of the 2 tier bouquets with the noodle ribbons. I do like the colors of the one you’re wearing if you have a couple like that.


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Fantastic. I’d love a fashionable bow for 5d. I have to admire the efficiency of packing so much fashion into a single article.


Thank you for your order of a pair of 2 tier bouquets in Kithiran Flag colors. I’ll have them ready for you at the festival for 6d in total.

Thank you very much! I am quite pleased at how the bow turned out! That will be ready for you at the festival.

Could I get a 2 tier bouquet in Black & White with noodle ribbons & one large cockade, if those are still available?

Unfortunately, I’m unable to complete an additional large cockade before this evening, but I could do the simple cockade with charms and/or additional tails added. I will make sure that I have a 2 tier bouquet in black and white with noodles available to you.

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